Jorge Masvidal open to Jake Paul fight but only if the money is right

  • Tom Ward

Jorge Masvidal has told Logan Paul he would fight Jake Paul if it made him ‘a ton’ of money.

Paul, 25, has taken the boxing world by storm over the last few years, in which time he’s gone a perfect 5-0.

The former Disney star, who is coming off a knockout win over Masvidal’s close friend Tyron Woodley in December, hasn’t been shy in letting his feelings known about ‘Gamebred’.

But now the two-time UFC title challenger has hit back and it seems he would be more than happy to step inside the ring to face Paul – but on one condition.

During a recent episode of the IMPAULSIVE podcast, Masvidal told Paul: “I love money.

“I stated that earlier on your show.

“If it made me money, and a ton of it, why the f*** not?

“No matter what, I feel like the chips are stacked on my side because he just got into this combat [sports world], for however long he’s been doing it, 5-6 years.

Jorge Masvidal has insisted he would batter Jake Paul in a boxing ring

“I’ve been doing it since I was a kid, so even though it’s not what I have my f****** PHD in, it’s still a form of combat that I have way more time than him doing and way more endurance.

“So of course I feel the chips are on my side.

“Big money, and I would bet on myself that I’d win that fight.”

Logan’s co-host Mike Majlak responded: “But I think Tyron kind of had that same thought process right, you know what I’m saying, so what do you have to say about Jake Paul and his capabilities in the boxing ring?”

Masvidal added: “His last fight I was there live, and the best thing that I saw from it is he got cracked numerous times in this last fight, and I think he even suffered a little headbutt.

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“I saw his face in that one round where he was like, ‘Oh s***, it’s a f****** real fight.’

“And the next round he was still kind of down in belief, but eventually he came back and he started fighting harder and better, so that’s the best thing I’ve seen about him so far, that he actually had real adversity.

“I don’t know what round it was, the second or third round, but Woodley caught him like two good shots and he kept his composure and fought through, so he’s definitely improved.

“But Woodley is also a fighter that’s very good for him to fight. Woodley fights in spots, Woodley’s not crazy aggressive, he’ll explode on you with his one great shot.

“In MMA it would work, but in boxing, if all you have is a good right hand, I can kind of see that. I just gotta [sic] keep my hands up.

“I don’t have to worry about a takedown or a leg kick, I can just [cover up]. I don’t fight like that. I use both hands a lot so I definitely think it would be a completely different fight with me.”

Masvidal also went on to say that he would have to seek permission from the UFC which he doesn’t think would be a problem ‘as long as it made sense to them’.

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