Liz Kincaid: Team GB coach was banned from Tokyo Olympics after serious allegations

Liz Kincaid accused of abuse

Serious allegations have been made against former British gymnastics coach Liz Kincaid, according to BBC Sport. 

At the time, British Gymnastics said Kincaid was retiring and named this as the reason for her decision to pull out of the Olympics. 

It is believed that Kincaid was removed from Great Britain’s coaching squad just weeks before the Tokyo Olympics, because of claims made about the mental health of one of her former gymnasts. 

But the complaints made against her meant that she was not permitted to attend, by way of the British Olympic Association’s rules. Nobody with “any unresolved, ongoing complaints about them” was allowed to attend the Games. 

A wider investigation is also ongoing, with regards to other allegations of abuse within British gymnastics. Indeed, a number of British gymnasts, both past and present, alleged mistreatment at all levels of the sport back in 2020. 

What allegations have been made against Kincaid? 

Former Welsh gymnast Poppy Wynn says that Kincaid forced her to carry on training, even after she tore her perineum and had blood dripping down her leg. 

Wynn was just 12 years old at the time, and Kincaid allegedly told the gymnast’s parents that she had started her period. 

In an interview with the BBC, Wynn said: “I went to Liz [Kincaid], I had blood dripping down my leg and she then took me into the office and gave me sanitary pads to effectively mop up the blood and then sent me back into the gym.” 

Meanwhile, three-time British champion Sophie Jameson says she remembers training on a broken ankle and “screaming” in the gym. 

Both Wynn and Jameson have claimed that Kincaid made them feel “less than human.” 

Kincaid denies the allegations

Speaking to the BBC, Kincaid denied all the allegations made against her. 

“The health, well-being and safety of the gymnasts under my care and tuition was of paramount importance to me and a matter close to my heart,” she said. “To suggest I would mistreat the gymnasts goes against every principle I live by and is very upsetting.”

British Gymnastics have stressed they will look into this abuse and are “determined to learn from all those who have bravely come forward and raised concerns.”

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