Man City vs Real Madrid: Marcelo reacts after walking over City crest

Real Madrid's Marcelo

Real Madrid’s Marcelo appeared gutted after he walked over Manchester City’s crest at the Etihad ahead of their Champions League tie.

Recently, we’ve seen a trend of players refusing to step on an opponent’s badge on the floor.

It was something we saw when Atletico Madrid played Manchester City in the Champions League quarter-finals.

Luis Suarez made a huge effort to avoid stepping on the badge when arriving at the stadium while ensuring his teammates also didn’t when going out to train on the pitch.

Antoine Griezmann on the other hand…

Even in the heat of the battle, Vinicius Junior was determined to jump over the Real Madrid crest at the Bernabeu as he ran off the pitch.

Why don’t players walk over club crests?

What is it all about?

Is it respect? Is it superstition?

Whatever it is, players in Spain take it pretty seriously it seems.

And we witnessed that once again as Real Madrid players walked out at the Etihad to prepare for their Champions League semi-final against Manchester City.

In footage captured by Marca, the left-back wasn’t concentrating as he walked out onto the pitch. But teammate Eder Militao points out he’s just walked over the Man City badge.

Marcelo’s reaction?

He puts his hands on his head in disbelief.

VIDEO: Marcelo looks gutted as he walks on Man City badge

What has he just done!?

It’s such a strange trend in football and we’re still struggling to get our heads around it. If clubs didn’t want their crest to be stepped on, they wouldn’t put them in corridors or at the entrance of a pitch.

But players of Spanish clubs appear keen to avoid doing so at all costs!

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