Edge WWE faction: Five stars who should join new Judgement Day group

  • Ash Rose

Edge’s new stable were finally given a name on last night’s Monday Night Raw, with the group being known as Judgement Day going forward. 

Edge watched on from his medieval looking throne, as Damian Priest proceeded to defeat Finn Balor and notch up a win for Judgement Day’s leading man, as he himself heads into WrestleMania Backlash to take on AJ Styles.

The group’s name suggests that Priest won’t be the last member of Raw’s newest faction, so GiveMeSport looks at five possible additions to Judgement Day. 


The man who Priest defeated last night and a man who once again finds himself directionless on Monday Night Raw. One thing we haven’t seen on the main roster from Balor is a turn to the dark side in a heel capacity and an alliance with Edge could be the perfect vehicle for that.

His run in NXT upon his return in 2019 as the heelish Prince, breathed new life into the Irishman and being part of this group could do the same for his presence on the red brand, too. They’ve also always got the option of unleashing a demon into the fold, playing up more on its sinister tendencies than the sometimes pantomime presentation it has been portrayed in the past. 


Freshly turned heel for the first time on the main roster, once she’s rid of Liv Morgan Rhea’s next destination could be by the side of The Rated R Superstar. For too long Ripley has been stuck in the ‘odd couple’ tag team role and it’s halted her momentum as one of the leading lights in WWE’s next generation of female stars.

An alliance next to one the very best of all time would regain her credibility and allow her to reinvent herself under his tutelage. A kick-ass killing machine version of Rhea Ripley, with a tinge of the darkness Judgment Day would bring, could be a welcome addition to the women’s roster. 


New to some WWE eyes who don’t watch NXT, Ciampa could introduce himself as part of Monday Night Raw alongside a WWE Hall of Famer. We’ve seen The Blackheart dip into the darker side of his personality before and as of this week’s Raw he seems to be being positioned in that way following his attack on the returning Mustafa Ali.

Having him stand alongside Edge and Priest would only make the faction look more menacing and give the former NXT Champ the right spotlight to show those not as familiar with his work, just how good a character and wrestler he can be. 


Every traditional faction has a big man – and Damian Priest is no slouch – but could be that silent henchman we’ve seen in countless stables before, and it’s always a successful formula. What he has in his favour is the role he’s already playing on NXT would fit comfortably in Edge’s new group, and very little would be needed to be changed in his presentation.

The former Parker Bourdeax is currently working under the menacing gaze of Joe Gacy – someone else who you could state a case for a role in Judgement Day – and a similar relationship with Edge on a grander scale could add something different to the new group. 


T-BAR probably shudders at the mere mention of factions after the disappointment that was Retribution, but he’s a talent that shouldn’t be going to waste. Now former team-mate Mace has been repackaged with LA Knight, could the former Dominic Dijakovic be moved into a new role, where his T-BAR persona wouldn’t need too much tweaking to fit the feel of Judgment Day.

Given his stature, the presentation of Edge on his throne surrounded by the twin towers of T-BAR and Damian Priest would be frightening image and one that could send shivers around the WWE roster. 

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