Climate Replay launches online pledge allowing responsible usage of NFTs in games

NFT in video games

With NFTs in gaming on the rise, an environmental video game group has come up with an online pledge created to make sure NFTs are used responsibly in video games.

Video games have come a long way from its early 8 bit days and it seems like the industry is on the cusp of another big change. Cryptocurrency and NFTs have seen a massive rise in recent years, becoming more accessible and mainstream than ever before. 

Game developers have also jumped on the hype train and are slowly introducing NFTs in video games. While the community has mostly been skeptical and wary of the idea of integrating NFTs in video games, many publishers are of the opinion that NFTs are the way ahead for video games.

Recently, Climate Replay, a climate focused video game group started an online pledge with the aim to make NFTs in video games safer and responsible for everyone. 

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A new online pledge has been released to allow for responsible usage of NFTs in video games

Climate Replay is a group comprising mostly Mojang developers, to educate people about the climate crisis and help make a change.

The group recently posted the NFT / Digital Ownership Pledge on its website and wants development studios, publishers, and individuals to sign it. By signing the pledge, developers and publishers commit to guaranteeing that any digital ownership, including NFTs, will fulfil a bunch of standards to safeguard both players and the environment.

There are numerous developers who have already included NFT’s in their games, like the Guild of Guardians.

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In the pledge, Climate Replay states: “By signing this pledge, you’re not only showing your support for studios who have already signed the pledge, but encouraging other studios to do the same.” 

Climate Replay NFT pledge

The pledge also contains seven points that developers must meet to guarantee NFTs are used sensibly. Studios and publishers who signs this pledge commit that any NFTs or other digital ownership:

  • “Brings meaningful value to players”
  • “Does not make use of technology that is intentionally inefficient, resulting in a concrete, significant environmental impact”
  • “Does not embrace artificial scarcity to generate speculative value”
  • “Does not rely on unregulated, volatile cryptocurrency”
  • “Does not disproportionately benefit early adopters or wealthier users/players”
  • “Does not perpetuate either of the following negative aspects of the Play-to-Earn model:
    • “informal jobs”
    • “shifts the primary purpose of a game from enjoyment to earning money”
  • “Is implemented with transparency and takes seriously concerns from studio members”

While it’s unclear how many studios will come forward and sign this pledge, it feels like NFTs in video games are here to stay, whether anyone likes it or not. 

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