Horizon Forbidden West: Player discovers build that will insta-kill most enemies

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Horizon Forbidden West is a superb game that has garnered an immense amount of critical acclaim in recent months since its release, but a player now appears to have discovered exactly how to insta-kill Aloy’s enemies.

Horizon currently sits at a remarkably strong 88 rating on Metacritic, along with a user rating of 8.

That is an incredible score for the game to have but it now appears that there is a potential build that can be used in the game that will make Aloy essentially invincible.

Reddit user Slazenger7 shared the build on the game’s sub-Reddit and they have shown that they can inflict massive damage on any enemy within the game, by using this very specific build.

Indeed, they have posted a video, showing that they fired an arrow at a human rebel, and inflicted an astonishing 39,518 damage in one hit.

That’s a high enough number to kill just about anything in Horizon Forbidden West, regardless of whether they are human or machine.

Slazenger7 describes it as a ‘tactical nuke in the form of an arrow’ and, yeah, that seems about right.

Now, of course, you’re likely asking exactly how to get that kind of build and start insta-killing your way across the world.

You’ll need a level 5 legendary tier Forgefall sharpshot bow with five upgrade Coils: two add 25% long-range damage, another two add 25% stealth damage, and the last adds 25% high-ground damage.

Then, you’re going to want to equip the Ranged Master Volar Surge, the Focused Shot Weapon Technique, and the Tenakth Tactician outfit, which comes with a Mounted Archer Buff.

Slazenger7 also says that they have every single skill in the game unlocked and equipped.

The Redditor claims that you will only get the maximum damage if you hit a headshot on a human enemy but it can one-shot an Apex Ravager and kill a Thunderjaw in two hits.

You’re going to need to put some work in to copy the build but, trust us, it’s going to be worth it if you do.

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