Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard Season Three: All Battle Pass Cosmetics

All COD Warzone and Vanguard Season Three Battle Pass cosmetics

Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard Season Three is here and so is a shiny new Battle Pass packed with new cosmetics and skins. 

The developers recently dropped a new update for COD Warzone and Vanguard, which brought Season 3 called Classified Arms into the game.

As with any other new season in the game, Season 3 is packed with new things like weapon, map, Battle Pass rewards and more. 

COD Warzone and Vanguard Season 3 Battle Pass comes with two new weapons the M1916 marksman rifle and the Nikita AVT assault rifle, one Daniel skin as well as new Operators skins for players.

Here’s a look at all the Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard Season Three Battle Pass cosmetics.

Every Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard Season Three Battle Pass cosmetic Listed

Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard Season Three Battle Pass has a total of 13 Operator skins and 20 weapon Blueprints. Of these Blueprints, players can get the M1916 at Tier 36, while the Nikita AVT Blueprint will be unlocked after you reach Tier 100. 

There are two Battle Pass bundles you can get – the standard version of the Battle Pass will cost you 1,000 CoD Points, where you start off at tier 0 and progress through all 100 tiers of the Season 3 Battle Pass while playing.

All COD Warzone and Vanguard Season Three Battle Pass

The second Battle Pass Bundle which costs 2,400 CoD Points and will let you instantly skip the first 25 tiers. From there, you can play and advance through the rest 75 tiers.

Below are all the cosmetics that are being offered in COD Warzone and Vanguard Season Three Battle Pass:

Battle Pass TierRewardRarity
Instant rewardMateo skin: ChingonLegendary
Instant rewardMateo skin: MadcapLegendary
Instant rewardDaniel skin: Mountain NightRare
Instant rewardDouble Weapon XP Token (45 minutes)Epic
Instant rewardSeason Three XP BoostLegendary
Instant rewardCombat Shotgun Blueprint: Machine EnvyLegendary
1Calling Card: On the HornEpic
2Calling Card: SwitchboardEpic
3Double XP Token (one hour)Legendary
4Charm: Home RowRare
5AS44 Blueprint: Work HazardLegendary
6 (free tier for clans)100 COD PointsLegendary
7Double XP Token (one hour)Legendary
8MVP Highlights: Turtled UpLegendary
9Calling Card: Final RoundLegendary
10Constanze skin: Tan TrenchesRare
11 (free tier)Sticker: Broken DownRare
12100 COD PointsLegendary
13Double XP Token (one hour)Legendary
14Emblem: Working AnglesRare
15 (free tier)New weapon: M1916 marksman rifleBase
16Gesture: Toss UpEpic
17100 COD PointsLegendary
18Top Break Blueprint: TransmitterEpic
19Calling Card: Early SketchLegendary
20Wade skin: LeathercladRare
21Sticker: Twin FireLegendary
22Double XP Token (45 minutes)Epic
23100 COD PointsLegendary
24 (free tier)Double Barrel Blueprint: RetrofashionedRare
25Double XP Token (30 minutes)Rare
26Highlight Intro: Easy, Cowboy.Legendary
27Type 100 Blueprint: RusticLegendary
28 (free tier)Reflex Reticle: Wide EyeRare
29Double XP Token (15 minutes)Common
30Padmavati skin: SandshineRare
31 (free tier)New weapon: Nikita AVT assault rifleBase
32100 COD PointsLegendary
33Calling Card: In Cold BloodLegendary
34 (free for clans)Watch: SolariumLegendary
35M1916 Blueprint: RegimentalRare
36Double Weapon XP Token (45 minutes)Epic
37 (free tier)Calling Card: Core ReactionEpic
38Bren Blueprint: Rusted GlowRare
39 (free tier)Emblem: StrongboxEpic
40Shigenori skin: Forest EssenceRare
41100 COD PointsLegendary
42NZ-41 Blueprint: Power FlickerLegendary
43Double XP Token (one hour)Legendary
44 (free tier)Calling Card: Factory SettingsLegendary
45Welgun Blueprint: PolyvinylRare
46Double XP Token (15 minutes)Common
47Emblem: DecipheredRare
48 (free tier)100 COD PointsLegendary
49Calling Card: Metal ArmamentEpic
50Polina skin: Winter SageRare
51Volk Blueprint: Voltage OutputEpic
52Emblem: Revolution’s BladeRare
53Double XP Token (15 minutes)Common
54Charm: BayonetRare
55 (free for clans)KG M40 Blueprint: GraphiteLegendary
56100 COD PointsLegendary
57Double Weapon XP Token (one hour)Legendary
58Sticker: ConcussedRare
59MP40 Blueprint: Fusion CoreEpic
60Roland skin: Long CoatRare
61 (free tier)Reflex Reticle: Box OutRare
62Watch: Army GradeEpic
63Double XP Token (30 minutes)Rare
64 (free for clans)Calling Card: RainsoakedLegendary
65Type 11 Blueprint: ShiplinerLegendary
66100 COD PointsLegendary
67 (free tier)Emblem: IncongruitousEpic
68Double Weapon XP Token (30 minutes)Rare
69Charm: Cardinal SinEpic
70Solange skin: Green GuardianRare
71Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle Blueprint: Lost BloodLegendary
72 (free tier)MVP Highlights: Rush the MapRare
73Double XP Token (one hour)Legendary
74100 COD PointsLegendary
75Sticker: FirebombingLegendary
76PPSh-41 Blueprint: Hazard PayLegendary
77 (free tier)Calling Card: Wire CutterEpic
78Double Weapon XP Token (45 minutes)Epic
79Emblem: Under AttackEpic
80Lucas skin: Full ProtectRare
81 (free tier)1911 Blueprint: Photon PhantomLegendary
82100 COD PointsLegendary
83Double XP Token (15 minutes)Common
84 (free tier)Charm: Frag SeasonEpic
85Automation Blueprint: IsonuclearLegendary
86Sticker: BoneshakerRare
87Double Weapon XP Token (one hour)Legendary
88 (free tier)Emblem: Bloody SecretRare
89Skal Crusher Blueprint: Nordic SunLegendary
90 (free tier)Beatrice skin: Scavenged WarmthRare
91100 COD PointsLegendary
92Calling Card: Solder SoldierLegendary
93Watch: Copper BreathEpic
94 (free tier)Highlight Intro: Pumped UpRare
95M1916 Blueprint: Mixed OxideLegendary
96Double XP Token (one hour)Legendary
97Charm: BombasticLegendary
98 (free tier)100 COD PointsLegendary
99Calling Card: Master PlanLegendary
100Daniel skin: Ancestral SpiritLegendary
100Nikita AVT Blueprint: Amphibian EmpireLegendary
100Title: Master DuelistLegendary
100Emblem: Season ThreeLegendary
100Charm: NecrogazeLegendary

The latest Battle Pass seems to be pretty generous, in terms of the things being offered. So make sure to claim all the rewards before the season runs out. Every season lasts for roughly two months, so this should give players ample time to grab all the Battle Pass rewards.

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