Lionel Messi trick shot video - Real or fake?

  • Rob Swan
New Lionel Messi video has fans split over whether it’s real or fake

Is Lionel Messi’s latest trick shot video real or fake?

That’s the question football fans are asking themselves after the Paris Saint-Germain and Argentina superstar uploaded footage to his Instagram page this week.

The video shows Messi hitting three footballs into a bin from various distances. If the footage is real then it’s an extraordinary piece of skill from the footballer regarded by many as the best ever.

Video: Lionel Messi trick shot – Real or fake?

Watch the video here:

As arguably the greatest footballer of all time, and one of the best set-piece takers in history, it wouldn’t be a complete shock if the footage was unedited.

Some people are convinced that the footage is genuine:

But the fact it’s a promotional video for Adidas means others are sceptical.

They believe the footage has been doctored and that not even Messi would be capable of producing those three perfect left-footed shots in quick succession.

We’ve all seen similar videos in the past where the footage is quite clearly fake.

The most iconic example, as mentioned above by @pacosaavedra11, is the famous footage of Ronaldinho hitting the crossbar three times in a row during his days with Barcelona.

Fun fact: this was the first video to reach one million views on YouTube.

People still debate whether the footage was real or fake, although most people are now in agreement that it was probably too good to be true – even though Ronaldinho was a magician.

Back to the Messi video, which is perhaps best summed up by @denny2themax, who tweeted: “Edit or not, he has the best chance of any human being to actually do this.”

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