eSports Boxing Club: Beautiful new gameplay footage emerges

New gameplay footage form eSports Boxing Club

When it comes to gaming based around sports, boxing is pretty far down the pecking order.

PES and FIFA of course lead the way with football and then the likes of American Football and the UFC are also fairly prevalent. Even the likes of golf and cricket have more common games than boxing.

That being said, the iconic game that is ‘Fight Night’ is very nostalgic to a lot of boxing fans. Many have fawned after the second coming of ‘Fight Night’ but to no avail.

That could now be changing though with footage being released of a new boxing video game.

As per Robert Flores on Twitter, ESBC, a.k.a. the eSports Boxing Club, has a game in the works. There is little to talk of a release date or any sort of timeline, but fans are excited all the same.

Flores shared a short video that saw the likes of Rocky Marciano and Kell Brook in action. He accompanied it with his thoughts: “The @ESBCGame looks really clean, can’t wait to stream it!”

Fight Night Champion was the last official boxing video game released and that was over a decade ago in 2011.

Prior to that, there were a number of other ‘Fight Night’ games as well as “Knockout Kings” in 1998. These were all courtesy of EA Sports who tend to be at the fore of sporting games whether it be FIFA or Tiger Woods PGA Tour.

Following on from the Rocky films, there was Creed 1 in 2015 and Creed in 2018.

Both films starred Michael B Jordan and Sylvester Stallone with the likes of Andre Ward and Tony Bellew also making guest appearances.

Some unofficial games have been sparked featuring Jordan as Adonis Creed, son of Apollo. Judging from the graphics and mechanics though, these have enjoyed very little success.

Boxing fans are certainly keen for a new game, the UFC games are particularly popular after all. Will this ESBC game live up to expectations?

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