Halo Infinite Season 2: All Battle Pass Rewards

Halo Infinite Season 2 Battle Pass

Halo Infinite Season 2 titled Lone Wolves is here and so is a shiny new Battle Pass, featuring new rewards and items.

A new season typically brings a new Battle Pass – and there are no exceptions here. It seems the developers are building upon the previous season’s Battle Pass.

The Season 2 Battle Pass has 100 tiers of new items for players to unlock and earn. It also has a wide range of cosmetic rewards centred around this season’s new theme. Items such as armour cores, helmets, paint jobs for weapons and vehicles, and more are just a few items on offer.

Here is a full list of all cosmetics and rewards in Halo Infinite Season 2 Battle Pass.

Halo Infinite Season 2: All Battle Pass Rewards

The Halo Infinite Season 2 Battle Pass comes in two variants: free and premium. Those not looking to spend money can opt-in for the free version that will let them unlock several rewards out of the 100-tier battle pass. 

However, purchasing the battle pass for Halo Infinite Season 2 will give you access to all the items in the Battle Pass. The premium version costs 1,000 credits. Below are all the rewards and items in the Halo Infinite Season 2 Battle Pass:

1Broken Dreams backdropSurvival of the Fittest kill effect
2Brawler helmet
3Lone Wolf charm
4UA/Type DP knee padsMK17 MOD1 CBRN/Kuznets helmet attachment
5Challenge Swap 100 Credits
6Rakshasa armour coreXP Boost
7Challenge SwapIrongrip Rails shoulder (L)
8Challenge SwapIrongrip Rails shoulder (R)
9Alabaster Cognac vehicle paintUTIL/RIPRAIL
10Challenge SwapBlack Coral Bone armour paint
11RASETSU HelmetXP Boost
12Fireteam Hellhound Emblem
13Challenge SwapXCUDO NXS wrist
14UA/CAMBRA shoulder (L)XCUDO KNEX knee pads
15UA/CAMBRA shoulder (R)100 Credits
16Challenge SwapXP Boost
17High Charity AI colour
18Challenge SwapDeep Stalker armour paint
19Evolved charmFCI-I/SPDR/Trapdoor chest
20Challenge SwapStribog Helmet
21Bistre Momentum vehicle paintXP Boost
22Fireteam Hellhound Emblem
23Challenge SwapMentor’s Gift visor
24Alabaster Cognac Coating HUL-I/RS/Rosekey helmet attachment
25Challenge Swap100 Credits
26Mirius glovesXP Boost
27Cross Purposes backdrop
28Challenge SwapArmed Respite stance
29Bluewood Bole armour paintPower Projection weapon paint
30Challenge SwapSigrid Eklund armor kit
31Volant helmetXP Boost
32Catawba Liver vehicle paint
33Challenge SwapFireteam Hellhound armour emblem
34UA/Toktu shoulder (L)Rampart Helmet
35UA/Toktu shoulder (R)100 Credits
36Challenge SwapXP Boost
37Ank gloves
38Challenge SwapTAC/M2497 Pouches chest
39TAC/Paradise Rig chestTAS/Orcus helmet attachment
40Challenge SwapSearing Wind AI colour
41Watsmil Ammo PouchXP Boost
42Fireteam Hellhound nameplate
43Challenge SwapCatawba Liver armour paint
44Unyielding Will visorUA/Azhanti helmet attachment
45Challenge Swap100 Credits
46TAC/Pacrat Rig chestXP Boost
47Charging Armadillo visor
48Challenge SwapUA/Philes shoulder (L)
49Cascade ClayUA/Philes shoulder (R)
50Challenge SwapIRATUS AI
51Hul-I/RS [X]/Hemlock helmet attachmentXP Boost
52Fireteam Jorogumo vehicle emblem
53Challenge SwapTAC/RS/Midnight helmet attachment
54UA/HYBL shoulder (L)Blazing Gunmetal armour paint
55UA/HYBL shoulder (R)100 Credits
56Challenge SwapXP Boost
57Sportstek Model 21 knee pads
58Challenge SwapUTIL/Coolshot shoulder (L)
59Byzantium Dream armour paint UTIL/Coolshot shoulder (R)
60Challenge SwapUTIL /Coolpack chest
61Moa Delight AI colourXP Boost
62Fireteam Jorogumo weapon emblem
63Challenge SwapAKIS II-Grid helmet
64Bluewood Bole vehicle paintLiteknuckle gloves
65Challenge Swap100 Credits
66UA/Type BF knee padsXP Boost
67Medkit charm
68Challenge SwapUTIL/Medkit utility
69Old Voodoo armour paintTAS/Lantifrid helmet attachment
70Challenge SwapPackmaster’s Glare armour effect
71Linebreaker helmetXP Boost
72Controlled Growth visor
73Challenge SwapFireteam Jorogumo armour emblem
74UA/Vorentus shoulder (L)Metashak Tallyho helmet attachment
75UA/Vorentus (R)100 Credits
76Challenge SwapXP Boost
77UTIL/Teccniqe Iota-12 shoulder (L)
78Challenge SwapUTIL/Teccnique Iota-12 shoulder (R)
79Sizzling Coral armour paintBrace of Blades utility
80Challenge SwapArtaius helmet
81HUL[5X]/BNR/Echelon helmet attachmentXP Boost
82Fireteam Jorogumo nameplate
83Challenge SwapFireblood Rift visor
84UA/Tomris shoulder (L)TAS/Patton helmet attachment
85UA/Tomris shoulder (R)100 Credits
86Challenge SwapXP Boost
87UA/Type MEP[B] knee pads
88Challenge SwapBanished Trophy shoulder (L)
89ECRU Abbey armour paintBanished Trophy shoulder (R)
90Challenge SwapAAP/ Heartplate chest
91Tactical Modalities visorXP Boost
92Stoic stance
93Challenge SwapOlympus Tactical weapon paint
94UA/Deming shoulder (L)Hieu Dinh armour kit
95UA/Deming shoulder (R)100 Credits
96Challenge Swap
97UTIL/Entrenching Tool utility
98Mantle backdropHuntmaster’s Trail effect set
99Challenge SwapSkullbearer Trophy shoulder (L)
100Deaconcrest Shield Node wristSkullbearer Trophy shoulder (R)

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