Tower of Fantasy CBT Players Emphatically Claim it has what Genshin Impact is "Missing"

Tower of Fantasy CBT

Tower of Fantasy recently went into its Closed Beta Test, and lucky players who have access to the game have been comparing it to the biggest game in the gacha genre, Genshin Impact.

There are quite a few different elements that are prevalent in both games, but with Western-based gamers getting access to the game in the CBT they’re now able to make some more detailed comparisons between ToF and Genshin.

The reaction from the player base thus far appears to be positive, and we’ve compiled some of the comments from CBT players for you to check out in this article!

Here are some of the reactions from players to the gameplay mechanics of Tower of Fantasy compared to Genshin Impact.

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Tower of Fantasy Closed Beta

Tower of Fantasy vs Genshin Impact

There are a number of obvious comparisons between the two games, particularly in the aesthetics department.

Both titles have an anime-styled art direction, but really Honkai Impact 3rd has more in common with ToF than Genshin.

Players with access to the CBT have been discussing the merits of the game on social media since the release of the Beta. One player on Twitter would claim that the title has what Genshin is “missing.”

They tweeted: “I’m really enjoying the Tower of Fantasy closed beta so far. More than anything, it feels like it has an answer for everything that’s missing from Genshin Impact.

“Screenshots are from the mobile version btw. This is one heck of a pretty game, especially for mobile!”

Another gamer on Twitter made a comprehensive list of what Tower of Fantasy has to offer from their limited time in the title so far.

They noted: “Things that Tower of Fantasy has so far:

  • Open world
  • Story
  • Character episodes
  • Gacha
  • Character customization 
  • Action combat 
  • Mounts
  • Multiple weapon types
  • Non silent protagonist 
  • Guilds
  • Players running around the world whenever

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Other players have been getting “addicted” to the game over the CBT thus far, with one player noting: “I’ve been addicted to Tower of fantasy.”

With Tower of Fantasy having a confirmed global release date in 2022, gacha gamers should really be looking at this title from Hotta Studios as a potential addition to their library!

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Tower of Fantasy

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