"Garbage" - League of Legends Players Discuss YouTube Content Downfall

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League of Legends players have been discussing the state of creator content on YouTube around the massively popular Riot Games title, with some claiming that it is now “garbage.”

Content creation and engagement from the community is a huge part of the reason that games like LoL are so widely popular, so quality from YouTubers and streamers, in general, is paramount in ensuring that the esport continues to thrive.

Here are some of the reactions from League of Legends players to the content creation strategy of some major YouTubers.

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A Reddit thread popped up discussing the situation regarding YouTuber content and the state of it currently.

The OP of the thread noted: “I used to watch a ton of league creators on YouTube but as of late it’s all the same garbage.

“Drop shadow yellow, bold text 54, THIS IS INSANE, names are off so you cant look up them playing on their 4th smurf account telling you that AP Vayne is really busted if you go 30/0. I don’t know I just wish there was a bit of soul left in the community on that side.”

There has been a lot of reaction to the thread, as content creators are a huge part of the LoL community and gaming in general, but many League of Legends players tend to agree with the original assessment.

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One Redditor revealed: “I got banned from a twitch streamer’s channel once because I called him out on something like this. He said he needed youtube content because he’d been getting crushed on his main account.

“He made a custom game of viewers and picked some weird build. He was challenger, most of the viewers were in the silver range. He shat on his lane (top), and the enemy team (his viewers and fans) basically lined up for him to kill.

“And all throughout the game his chatter is about how this ‘new build is so OP’ and “you’ll climb so fast” and the whole thing was super fake.”

Sadly, clickbait and trying to draw viewers in with wild thumbnails is not something new when it comes to content creation.

YouTube, just like Twitch and other streaming platforms, is massively overcrowded with content creators who are trying to stand out and get their videos seen by the algorithm. 

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Positive Reaction

Not all hope is lost, as there are still some LoL creators out there who are churning out some quality content.

Another Redditor would praise their favourite creator on the thread, namely PekinWoof: “PekinWoof is my favourite content creator for League. He is pretty laid back, takes time to explain things without being condescending, and doesn’t get all worked up when something bad happens. 

“He talks about mistakes and what he could have done differently but without the unnecessary yelling and flaming of the other players.”

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