Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano: Noisy crowd left referee unable to hear bell

Referee at Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano

An incredible 19,187 fans were on hand to witness Katie Taylor defeat Amanda Serrano at Madison Square Garden.

The iconic venue in New York was sold out for the blockbuster bout, which had been billed as the biggest women’s boxing match in history. 

Thousands of Irish fans travelled to the United States for the fight, with thousands more of Taylor’s support already based in the country. 

Serrano had her fair share of fans too, with Puerto Rican flags dotted around the venue.

As a result, Madison Square Garden was a cauldron of noise and singing, so much so that the referee couldn’t even hear the bell at the end of the third round. 

In a brilliant clip shared by DAZN, the bell is heard ringing twice, but the referee does not call an end to the round. 

Eventually, Taylor was forced to signal to Serrano that the bell had rung and she should stop fighting. It was only at this point that the referee realised the third round was over. 

Video: Referee can’t hear bell over raucous crowd at Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano

Taylor was the winner of an extremely close encounter, triumphing by split decision. The judge’s final score cards read 96-94 to Serrano, 97-93 to Taylor, and 96-93 to Taylor.

With Taylor’s undisputed lightweight titles and her unbeaten record on the line, both fighters were forced to dig deep in the dying seconds of the bout. 

This resulted in an unbelievable flurry of punches between the pair, which demonstrated just how entertaining women’s boxing can be. 

With the first fight between Taylor and Serrano exceeding expectations, talk of a rematch at Croke Park in Dublin has already begun. 

“Absolutely. We have to do this again,” Taylor said. “It was an absolute war for 10 rounds. I’m grateful to be in this position and sell out Madison Square Garden. Look what we’ve just done.

“I said before that when you think Madison Square Garden, you think Muhammad Ali v Joe Frazier, but now everyone will be thinking of Katie Taylor v Amanda Serrano.”

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