Ronnie O’Sullivan’s genius ‘party trick’ shot v Judd Trump in World Championship final

  • Rob Swan
Ronnie O’Sullivan shows his genius with ‘party trick’ shot in World Championship final

Ronnie O’Sullivan produced a magnificent shot dubbed the ‘cocked hat double’ on a re-spotted black against Judd Trump in the World Championship final on Sunday afternoon.

The six-time world champion, regarded by many as the greatest snooker player ever, won the dramatic fourth frame with a brilliant shot that’s been described as a ‘party trick’ by Eurosport.

O’Sullivan, aware that missing the bottom pocket would risk leaving Trump with an easy opening, improvised by hitting the black off three cushions and into the middle pocket.

We’ve seen countless moments of genius from The Rocket throughout his illustrious career and this was another to add to the collection.

Eurosport add that O’Sullivan’s shot raised ‘the roof inside the Crucible’.

Watch O’Sullivan’s superb shot here:

Different class.

Jimmy White: ‘It’s an old snooker club shot’

“It’s the cocked hat double to win the frame,” Eurosport commentator David Hendon said.

“Judd Trump will be absolutely sick. It should have been his. But Ronnie O’Sullivan on a re-spot takes the advantage at the interval. What a massive frame that was.”

Ronnie O'Sullivan World Championship final

Speaking in the Eurosport studio, Jimmy White said of O’Sullivan’s shot: “It’s called the cocked hat.

“Ronnie’s played that if it misses the middle pocket, it [the black] goes to the baulk area [at the top of the table]. You don’t often see it played in snooker. It was a great shot to see.”

White added: “Me and Alan [McManus] love this shot because this is an old snooker club shot. It’s a golf shot that you play on a snooker table.”

Ronnie O'Sullivan World Championship final

More reaction to Ronnie O’Sullivan’s ‘cocked hat double’

Let’s check out some of the reaction from snooker fans on Twitter:

The final continued on Sunday evening and is set to be concluded on Bank Holiday Monday.

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