Ghostwire Tokyo Update 1.003 Release Date and Patch Notes 

Ghostwire Tokyo Update 1.003 Patch

Ghostwire Tokyo Update 1.003 has finally dropped and we have got the full patch notes, outlining all the various changes coming with the update.

The latest Ghostwire Tokyo update is now available for both PC and PS5 players and one of the major highlights of this update is new Children’s Day cosmetics and emotes to celebrate the Japanese holiday.

Japan is celebrating Golden Week (held on May 5th) this week, which is its one of the most popular holiday season and the developers have added a few cosmetic items to commemorate the event.

Apart from this, Ghostwire Tokyo Update 1.003 squashes a ton of bugs as well as brings quality of life improvements to the game and new gameplay.

With that said, here are the full patch notes for Ghostwire Tokyo Update 1.003 and a look at everything new.

Release Date

The Ghostwire Tokyo Update 1.003 went live on Monday 2nd May 2022 and is available to download on all supported devices/platforms.

Ghostwire Tokyo Update 1.003 Patch Notes

Here are all the patch notes in full. They have been gathered from the official website of the Ghostwire Tokyo developers (Tango Gameworks):

This week, Japan celebrates Golden Week, one of its most popular holiday seasons. We’re also celebrating as the team at Tango Gameworks has launched an all-new update for Ghostwire: Tokyo!

This update features new gameplay and quality of life improvements; numerous bug fixes; and even a festive new cosmetic item and emotes to use in Photo Mode! Read on for the full details.

Update Highlights

  • Performance Improvements: This update addresses some performance issues for PS5 and PC.
  • Silence, Tengu: There’ve been some noise complaints about the Tengu, so Ed has developed some noise-cancelling headphones for Akito and KK. (Tengu volume can now be adjusted.)
  • Children’s Day Cosmetic and Emotes: Two new emotes and a new headwear piece inspired by Golden Week.

Children’s Day

Held annually on May 5 in Japan, Children’s Day is one of four national holidays observed during Golden Week, to celebrate the health and happiness of children—typically by decorating with fish-shaped kites and wearing paper samurai helmets! Now you can get in on the festivities in Ghostwire: Tokyo:

  • Koinobori Emote – Akito displays koi-shaped streamers
  • “They Grow Up So Fast” Emote – Akito proudly dons a folded paper “Kabuto” samurai helmet
  • Paper Kabuto – Wear the origami samurai helmet from the emote
Ghostwire Tokyo

Changes and Improvements

  • Added “Yokai Volume” slider, allowing players to adjust the screeching of the Tengu
  • Added “Mouse Smoothing” option (Allows players to enable/disable mouse smoothing)
  • Fast travel is now available earlier in the game

Bug Fixes

All Platforms

  • Improved overall performance
  • Overhauled starting values for player camera options
  • Adjusted gamepad analog stick deadzone, and added options to adjust deadzone
  • Fixed collision issues in some environments
  • Spirit Perception Prayer Beads will no longer guide you towards spirits you have already absorbed
  • Fixed text for some menu items in French and German

PC Fixes

  • Improved mouse/keyboard input when weaving
  • Added “Movie Display Mode” option
    • If you are experiencing sound desync issues in cutscenes, setting “Movie Display Mode” to “Performance” will correct the issue
  • Fixed progression issue with certain cutscenes
  • Added a warning display when using too much VRAM
  • Fixed issue with windowed mode on the title screen
  • Fixed 5K resolution issue on the title screen
  • Fixed Sharpness option when using FSR 1.0
  • Fixed issue when selecting difficulty

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