Mike Tyson: 'Iron Mike' on the pads continues to be the stuff of nightmares

  • Tom Ward

Boxing legend Mike Tyson continues to be the stuff of nightmares – with a throwback video of the American’s blistering hand-speed in training.

The Baddest Man on The Planet hung up his gloves in 2005 after retiring against Kevin McBride.

But ‘Iron Mike’ made his comeback in November 2020 when he rolled back the years against Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition bout.

Since his comeback fans across the globe have been quick to reminisce about his career over old videos and pictures.

And this latest clip had fans delighted online.

Our friends over at Roots of Combat discovered the archive footage and posted it on their social media.

It received more than 600 likes on Twitter.

And it shows him preparing to take on Evander Holyfield in their highly-anticipated rematch way back in 1997.

WATCH: Prime Mike Tyson on the pads continues to be the stuff of nightmares

Check out the video below…

Dressed in his trademark black shorts, Tyson can be seen practising on the pads with a trainer – with legendary coach Richie Giachetti in his corner.

The power and intensity that Tyson was able to produce appeared to make the trainer nervous, as on a couple of occasions he visibly tried his best not to flinch from the punches.

At one point he even ended up with his back half bent over the ropes.

Unsurprisingly fans absolutely loved this video.

In the replies one fan even admitted they wouldn’t want to get in the ring with Tyson no matter the reward.

Mike Tyson made a comeback with an exhibition bout draw against Roy Jones Jr in November 2020

One said: “Couldn’t pay me to do this with Mike.”

Another said: “Fast twitch muscles of a 135’er. Easily weighing 230+. Insane.”

And a third said: “The power in that jab is incredible.

While a fourth said: “Hella scary.”

Tyson lost the WBA heavyweight title to Holyfield in 1996 before he was famously disqualified for biting a piece of his opponent’s ear clean off in their rematch seven years later.

Mike Tyson pictured with Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield

Speaking to Ohio newspaper The Plain Dealer a few years back, Giachetti explained how Tyson’s disqualification against Holyfield was one of the most lowest moments of his career.

“I had him in great shape for that fight,” he said.

“Holyfield was head-butting him.

“But it was a matter of rage and nobody could stop [Tyson].”

Tyson meanwhile revealed how he originally wanted to kill Holyfield but settled for biting a chunk out of his ear instead.

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Which New York borough was Mike Tyson born in?

Tyson, 55, told Fox News: “I bit him because I wanted to kill him.

“I was really mad about my head being bumped and everything. I really lost consciousness of the whole fight. It took me out of my fight plan and everything.

“Listen, good or bad, I’m not going to let anyone take my glory. 

“So, I’m going to confront everything that I have to confront… Hey listen, I done it. I got to handle the responsibility of it.

“That was my glory. And I took responsibility for it.”

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