Nintendo Switch Sports Golf: Everything We Know So Far

Nintendo Switch Sports Golf

Nintendo Switch Sports was originally released with 6 sports available for players to choose from, but when will Golf be added to the lineup?

The sports that are currently available are Tennis, Football, Badminton, Volleyball, Bowling and Chambara.

Golf was a major part of the Wii Sports game way back at the launch of the Nintendo Wii console, and fans are hoping that it will be a similar experience when it arrives in Nintendo Switch Sports!

Here is everything we know so far regarding the addition of Golf to Nintendo Switch Sports on the Nintendo Switch console.

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Nintendo Switch Sports Bowling
Credit: Nintendo

Nintendo Switch Sports Golf

Nintendo confirmed in the reveal trailer for the game that Golf would be making an appearance in the title at some point down the line.

Unfortunately, we do not have an exact date beyond the fact that it will be released in Autumn 2022.

Golf was a massive part of the Wii Sports title, as it provided players with a lengthier experience than the likes of bowling or tennis.

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Nintendo Switch Sports Volleyball
Credit: Nintendo

Free Update

Golf will be free DLC content for the game when it is finally released into the Nintendo Switch Sports game.

Players will be able to download the new sport in the title automatically over the internet once it has been released.

The official Nintendo website confirms the following with regards to the addition of golf to the game: “A free software update coming this autumn will let you hit the links in Golf. Swing your Joy-Con just like a golf club as you drive down the fairway and sink impressive putts.”

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Nintendo Switch Sports Football
Credit: Nintendo

More Sports

Nintendo has not confirmed if there will be any further sports added to the lineup down the line, but hopefully, we will see some more classic Wii Sports elements coming through such as Boxing, Baseball and even some of the games from Wii Sports Resort!

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