Nintendo Switch Sports Cute Collection End Date: When is it?

Nintendo Switch Sports Cute Collection

Nintendo Switch Sports offers players a number of unlockable content elements as they progress in the various mini-games.

The developers will be releasing a number of different unlockables over the coming months for players.

Currently, the Cute Collection is a time-limited reward set for players to get a hold of in the game, and we’ve got all of the information you need ahead of its end date.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Cute Collection in Nintendo Switch Sports and when the limited-time unlockables will be removed from the game.

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Nintendo Switch Sports Volleyball
Credit: Nintendo

Cute Collection Switch Sports

As of writing (Tuesday 3rd May 2022) there are currently two unlockable sets available for players to access in Nintendo Switch Sports.

Players have until Tuesday, May 10th to collect items from the Simple Collection and until Wednesday, May 18th to collect all of the items from the Cute Collection.

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Nintendo Switch Sports Bowling
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Cosmetic Unlockables

The current unlockables in the game are purely cosmetic, and will not have any bearing on how your Sportsmate will perform in the game.

With that said, it is not hugely important for players to unlock all of the content offered in the Cute Collection; but for completionists, it will be a race against time to do so.

Nintendo Switch Sports Golf
Credit: Nintendo

How to Unlock

When players complete a match, they will earn between 30 to 40 points in the game. There will also be multipliers added depending on the various different feats they complete in the game itself.

Taking Tennis as an example, players can get extra multipliers by having long rallies and hitting aces.

Bowling is probably the best way for players to get a large number of points in a single sitting in the game right now. Getting a strike gives players a multiplier, whereas additional multipliers can be earned by playing well and ultimately over 100 points can be earned in one 10 round game.

Once players get to 100 points, they will get access to a random award. It’s worth noting that players can choose from the currently available styles (Simple and Cute) to decide what sort of reward they want.

A special outfit will be given to players as a completion bonus for getting all of the items in one set. This outfit matches the theme of the overall set, so the Cute Collection offers players a Cute outfit as a reward for completion!

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Nintendo Switch Sports Football
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