Amateur MMA fighter has his arm ripped out of its socket after refusing to tap during brutal fight

  • Tom Ward

Cole Farsaci suffered a sickening arm injury last month after being on the receiving end of a nasty submission at Cage Wars 52.

The amateur MMA fighter was welcomed to the cage by Jahliel Palmer last Friday.

But his promotional bow soon turned into a nightmare following a crazy opening exchange, which left both men on the floor.

Palmer immediately locked in a tight kimura and would not let go, as he continued to tighten his grip in an attempt to secure a submission from his back.

To his credit, Farsaci stubbornly refused to tap after spitting his mouthpiece out, despite clearly being in a compromised position.

But Palmer made the newbie pay for his mistake by ripping his right arm out of its socket.

Farsaci was left visibly squirming in pain as the referee jumped in to halt the contest.

Check it out below (WARNING – GRAPHIC FOOTAGE):

“We don’t want to see that. He just ripped the shoulder out of the socket. We need a doctor in here pretty quick.

“Wow. We don’t ever like to see that happen. Oh my goodness.

“This is a violent sport. This is a dangerous sport.”

Fans could not believe what they had just witnessed.

One commented: “One of the single dumbest things I have ever seen.”

Cole Farsaci had his arm ripped out of its socket during a MMA fight

A second tweeted: “This is exactly why ammy refs are supposed to stop fights when a sub is in this deep. Ammy fighters are dumb, you are there to protect them from themselves.”

A third added: “How the hell did he survive long enough for that to happen.”

Afterwards, a victorious Palmer, who fights out of New York, took to Instagram to celebrate his first win as an amateur.

He wrote: “Cage Wars 52! A picture describes a thousand words so here’s a few from a night I’ll never forget.

“First amateur MMA win and I got to watch my roommate Kyle Kahler put on a performance of the night to win his lightweight title back with an awesome finish!

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Jens Pulver

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“I’m extremely thankful to everyone of my teammates, friends and family, including the ones I’ve found at Mohawk Valley MMA and to my coach Duff Holmes.

“Words can’t explain how far beyond my imagination he’s pushed me to continue to grow and learn in and outside of the cage.

“Another thank you to Cage Wars for providing such an amazing platform and organization from top to bottom for fighters and fans of the sport.

“Can’t wait to get back at it with my dogs.”

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