Kenny Pickett's cheeky tweet lands one Steelers fan in trouble following the draft

Kenny Pickett of the Pittsburgh Steelers

New Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett’s recent tweet has forced one person on Twitter to pay out on a bet that he made.

In perhaps one of the biggest stories on draft night, the quarterbacks in this year’s class weren’t exactly hot property the way that they have been in the past, with just one of them taken inside the top 50 players picked.

That player though was Kenny Pickett, who was picked up by the Steelers with the 20th overall pick, which given a lot of talk going into the draft was about how this wasn’t exactly a great class for QBs, may go down as an all-time genius move, or a monumental bust.

Of the QBs in the class, Pickett at least had the resume to make the argument that he was the best of a perceived bad bunch.

He finished 3rd in Heisman voting last year, whilst also winning the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm award as he took the Pittsburgh Panthers to an ACC Conference title. 

Tears of joy for some

Whilst the draft process might have been tough for Pickett, not only was there the conversation about how bad the draft class was, but he was also put under the microscope somewhat with plenty of people questioning his hand size and how effective he could be in the NFL.

But it was all worth it when he received the call from the Steelers to tell him he had been drafted, and it gave us one of the images of draft night to see him getting pretty emotional alongside his family:

Tears of pain for others

But whilst they were celebrating, there was one guy who must have been pretty nervous with how things played out. 

Twitter user @broooks_414 had made something of a bet last summer when it came to Pickett and the Steelers, stating that if he was picked up by them, he would get his jersey tattooed on his back.

He appeared to have some fun at his claim, stating that he would only do it if Pickett replied to him on the social media platform, with the 23-year-old only too happy to oblige:

Pittsburgh Steelers QB Kenny Pickett responds to a fan on Twitter.

You just have to hope that Pickett doesn’t decide to change his number at some point during his career, or this bet could come back to bite him that little bit more.

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