Conor McGregor 'cheating' vs Khabib, Mayweather & Poirier analysed

Conor McGregor cheating?

In a recent video, it’s been alleged that Conor McGregor has cheated in some of the biggest fights in his career to date.

Nearly four years ago, at UFC 229, ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor would fight Khabib Nurmagomedov in what was billed ‘the biggest fight in the history of the sport.’

The Irishman would lose via submission in the fourth round.

In what was a one-sided encounter, many were quick to state that McGregor cheated throughout the entirety of the fight. 

For the majority, the Irishman spent most of it on his back. However, he was accused of cheating by holding the Russian’s shorts and putting his toes on the fence to stop Khabib from applying more pressure on top.

As well as that, McGregor landed a blow on the back of the Russian’s head and also grabbed Nurmagomedov’s glove.

It wasn’t just that fight, however, as more cheating accusations were thrown against him when he fought Floyd Mayweather, with the American complaining about rabbit punches being thrown.

As well as that, Dustin Poirier had complaints about McGregor holding his gloves throughout their bout.

Speaking on his official YouTube channel, Chael Sonnen said when answering a fan’s question about McGregor’s cheating: “You can break a rule without cheating, for sure.

“Think of basketball, something less important than combat sports in terms of damage, but think about travelling. Travelling is against the rules. You break the rule, you’ll even be punished for it. There will be a foul, it will be recognised. Are you a cheater?

“It’s one of those hard things. You can make a mistake, you can do an accident. I only share that with you, I don’t know what’s in Conor’s mind. In all fairness, when you’re talking about all those clips, I’ve seen those clips, I’ve seen him hold the glove, I’ve seen the toes in the cage. It comes down to intent.

“Breaking the rule and intending to break the rule ahead of time and get away with it is largely what we all as people associate with cheating, as opposed to a foul. What’s in Conor’s mind? Look, there’s a lot of rules out there but there are only three big ones.

“You don’t hit ’em low, you don’t bite ’em, you don’t poke ’em in the eyes. That is basically as long as you follow that, no fighter is going to think that you’re dirty.”

McGregor hasn’t fought since his defeat to Poirier back in July of 2021, however, he is targeting a return to the cage in the summer.

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