UFC fighter pay: Dana White explicitly lashes out at boxing salaries

Dana White on UFC & boxing fighter pay

Dana White’s views on fighter pay are well known.

The UFC president has repeatedly come under fire in recent years, with fighters like Jorge Masvidal and Francis Ngannou complaining about the sport’s existing structure.

Back in January, YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul got into a spat with White after telling him to increase fighter pay minimums, agree to a 50 percent revenue split with athletes and implement a long-term healthcare plan for fighters.

But White won’t budge, as his recent interview with The Pivot Podcast revealed.

Addressing the subject of fighter pay, he said: “There’s always gonna be head butting. Do you make enough money? Do you? I want to meet that guy that goes, ‘Oh, I’m good. I make plenty of money. I don’t need another dime.’ You’re never going to meet that guy. It’s never going to happen. Everybody wants more money.”

White then turned his attention to boxing, saying: “One of the big problems with boxing too, is that all those f****** guys are overpaid, and every time they put on a fight, it’s a going-out-of-business sale. We’re just trying to get as much f****** money as we can from you guys, and then we’re out of here. We’ll see you in three years.

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“You can’t build a league like that,” he continued. “You can’t build a sport. You can’t have 750 fighters under contract, making money, feeding their families every year, with that kind of mentality. It doesn’t work. You have to run a business.”

White then provided further insight into the rationale behind his philosophy.

“We built a business model where, if you’re the champion, you share in the pay-per-view revenue,” he said. “If you’re the guy headlining the card, or there’s been some special occasions where we know you’re bringing in the money, too, and you’re a big draw so you, too, get to share in the pay-per-view revenue. You eat what you kill.

Dana White on UFC fighter pay
Dana White on UFC fighter pay

“The truth is, you get some of these guys that – you can walk in and say, ‘I want $30 million dollars.’ OK, based on what? I do too. Give me $30 million. We all want $30 million, but based on what? And you’re never going to have the guys on the other side worrying about the business of the sport.”

The comments suggest that White won’t be changing the UFC pay structure any time soon, despite the growing backlash from fighters and fans alike.

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