FIFA 22 Premier League TOTS: Leak Confirms Insane Ruben Dias Card

Ruben Dias defender Man City

FIFA 22 Team of the Season has begun, and leaks have revealed a great Ruben Dias card coming when the Premier League TOTS goes live.

Players love TOTS as we see so many upgraded cards get released during this long promo. It is great to see, and it will keep the FIFA Community engaged for well over a month.

The way players can obtain these Team of the Season cards is through packs, the transfer market, objectives or Squad Building Challenges.

Ruben Dias will no doubt be a card many want, as the defender has had a very good season for Manchester City

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Leaks Confirm Insane FIFA 22 Premier League TOTS Ruben Dias Card

As always, the FIFA community are dying to know which players are involved in this promo. The Premier League TOTS is fun as it is fan-voted and will arguably have some of the most popular players in the game. It instead features a squad of players across the globe.

The latest leaks around this Premier League TOTS squad, which goes live on Friday 6th May 2022, come from Twitter user and reliable leaker FutSheriff.

With the Premier League being one of the top divisions in Europe, it has a lot of high rated players already from past promos and due to this, the community want more special high rated cards from the Premier League in order to build huge squads.

Ruben Dias Manchester City defender 95 rated leaked

As you can see, 95 rated Dias looks like a very solid centre-back to have, and with 80 dribbling, 83 passing, 96 defending, 85 Pace and 94 physical, he will definitely fit into some squads.

Hopefully we see a lot of the Premier League Team of the Season Cards rated 90 or higher, and this will be great for those looking to compete in FUT Champions.

This great card, as well as all the players involved in the Premier League TOTS squad will be available in packs on the FIFA store from 6PM GMT on Friday 6th May 2022.

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