WWE referee once suffered gruesome leg break at NXT show


Accidents and injuries can happen in the ring, and that isn’t just limited to WWE Superstars.

That was the case during an NXT show in April 2019, when referee Tom Castor suffered a horror leg break.

At a non-televised show in Nebraska, Velveteen Dream, who was the North American Champion at the time, defended his title against fellow former WWE star Tyler Breeze.

Clips of the match went viral, but not for the right reasons, after it emerged that the referee on Triple H’s brand had suffered a horrible injury during the bout.

After taking a bump, things didn’t go to plan for Castor, and fans started sharing images of his broken leg, as can be seen above.

The photos were rather gruesome, with Castor’s leg/ankle very clearly broken following the spot during the match.

The referee began to receive a lot of praise online, as despite breaking his leg and being in a great deal of pain, he continued on with the match and counted the three to end the match.

You can see a clip of the incident, including footage of Castor counting the pin despite having a broken leg, by watching the video below.

Thankfully, Castor was able to make a full recovery, and remains part of the NXT 2.0 refereeing team to this very day.

He is the only member of the match to still work for WWE though, as Tyler Breeze and Velveteen Dream have both left the company.

In fact, Drake Wuertz, who came into the match as Castor’s replacement after his leg break, is also no longer with WWE.

This incident was a strong reminder that while we all enjoy watching wrestling, we’ve got to remember that everyone puts their bodies on the line when they step into the ring, not just the wrestlers.

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