Big Cass: Ex-WWE star's insane transformation after overcoming addiction

Big Cass WWE

Big Cass (now W.Morrissey) has undergone a pretty drastic body transformation since leaving WWE in 2018.

The former WWE Superstar was released in 2018, right as it seemed like the company was planning on pushing him.

However, due to supposed attitude issues, Cass was let go by WWE shortly after WrestleMania 34, during his feud with Daniel Bryan.

Since then, Cass has openly spoken about how he battled alcohol addiction, even revealing that he went into rehab.

Back in 2018, footage emerged of Cass suffering a seizure at an independent show, which seemed to be at the height of his problems.

After some time away, Cass has thankfully overcome his demons and made a return to wrestling, wrestling for the likes of IMPACT and AEW.

In fact, Cass was brought into AEW last night for their latest Dynamite show, when it became apparent just how far he’s come.

As you can see from the picture below, during the height of his addiction, Cass had put on some weight, but he’s now trimmed down considerably and looks in brilliant shape.

Big Cass WWE
Big Cass WWE

Credit to Big Cass, it’s great to see that four years after leaving WWE, considering what he’s been through since then, he’s now in the shape of his life and is doing well.

In fact, the image below, which Cass has shared multiple times since his return to wrestling in 2021, shows just how stacked he looks right now.

Big Cass WWE
Big Cass WWE

During his time with WWE, Cass was part of a rather popular tag team with the outspoken Enzo Amore, who is now going by nZo.

Enzo, like his tag team partner, has also undergone a pretty impressive transformation, and is also now in truly insane shape, which you can read more about by clicking here.

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