FIFA 22 Leaks Reveal Full FUT TOTS Swaps 1 Rewards

Team of the Season FIFA 22

The FIFA 22 Team of the Season promo is live and leaks have revealed all the Ultimate Team Token Swaps rewards that will be available soon in the game.

There have been more promos released than even in FIFA 22 compared to past games in the very popular franchise, and FIFA gamers can see special squads released practically every week.

The very popular football gaming franchise is one of the most successful in the gaming industry, and a huge part of this is due to Ultimate Team.

With FIFA 22 around halfway through its cycle, it is very exciting to see so many promos go live and no doubt many are very excited for TOTS which began on Friday 29th April 2022 at 6PM BST.

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FIFA 22 FUT TOTS Swaps 1 Rewards Leaked

For those who do not know, Team of the Season sees players from all of the leagues across the globe receive special cards for their performances this season.

We will see an abundance of special cards, which sees players receive huge boosts and upgrades. We are currently seeing the Community TOTS promo, and coming next is the Premier League TOTS. The latest leaks have been revealed by reliable leaker FUT Sheriff.

For those who do not know, Swaps/tokens are player cards that you receive after completing certain challenges. With these player swaps, you can put them in special Squad Building Challenges and unlock an abundance of great rewards.

Here are all of the leaked birthday swaps rewards available in FIFA 22 during the TOTS Promo:

  • Two Tokens: Rare Players Pack (50k Pack)
  • Three Tokens: Guaranteed Saudi TOTS Pack
  • Three Tokens: Guaranteed EFL TOTS Pack
  • Three Tokens: Guaranteed Eredivisie TOTS Pack
  • Five Tokens: Guaranteed Community TOTS Pack
  • Five Tokens: Ultimate Pack (125k Pack)
  • Seven Tokens: Guaranteed Bundesliga TOTS Pack
  • Ten Tokens: Guaranteed Premier League TOTS Pack
  • Fourteen Tokens: Premier League or Bundesliga TOTS Pick (1 of 3)
  • Fifteen Tokens: 84+ 25 Players Pack
  • Seventeen Tokens: Icon Moments Michael Ballack
  • Nineteen Tokens: Premier League Team of the Season Pick (1 of 3)
  • Twenty-Two Tokens: Icon Moments Luis Figo
Leaked TOTS Swaps 1 on Twitter by FutSheriff

There are a lot of exciting rewards; however, there are only 24 tokens up for grabs so you will have to make your decision wisely and pick the rewards that fit you and your team.

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