Tom Brady 'confesses' about major controversy whilst with New England

Tampa Bay QB Tom Brady

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady might have dropped a pretty big bombshell regarding one of the biggest plays in NFL history.

Having been freed from the regime of the New England Patriots where expression and joy aren’t exactly the given thing under Bill Belichick, Tom Brady has been a lot more open and, dare we say it, fun, with how he interacts on places like social media these days now that he’s with the Buccaneers

Whether it be his request to Elon Musk to delete his infamous NFL combine photo from 2000 on Twitter, or having fun with how he uses his TikTok account, he’s certainly a lot more laid back than he was during his days in Foxborough.

However, there’s a chance that he might have gone just a little bit too far with his latest post as he talked about the ‘Tuck Rule Game’ and what really went on during that famous play.

What was the Tuck Rule game?

In one of the most controversial moments in NFL history, late in the AFC Divisional matchup of 2002, the then Oakland Raiders sacked Brady, causing him to fumble the ball and gift the Raiders possession.

However, the fumble was overturned and deemed an incomplete pass, even though Brady seemed to be tucking the ball into his body rather than throwing it. 

It is a play and a game that is widely believed to have played a big role in the creation of the modern Patriots dynasty, as they would go on to win their first Super Bowl title that season, sparking off a run that has seen them win 6 during the new millennium. 

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What has Brady said?

Posting on his TikTok page, which he then relayed to Twitter, Brady appeared to front up and confess that the initial ruling might have been right all along:

Now it’s possible he’s just joking, or he feels that enough time has passed (literally over 20 years at this point) that he feels he can come clean over it. Either way, him bringing it up again is sure to make a few fans unhappy in the process, even if they aren’t Raiders fans.

Tom Brady responds on Twitter
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