Apex Legends Season 13: All Newcastle abilities Revealed

Newcastle abilities Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 13 will see the debut of Bangalore’s brother Newcastle into the arena and here’s a list of all Newcastle abilities that players will have at their disposal.

Apex Legends will soon be entering its 13th Season and every new season sees the arrival of a new in-game Legend. Entering the arena this time around is Newcastle, Bangalore’s long lost brother, who was thought to be dead. 

Newcastle aka Jackson William also comes with his own set of abilities and tricks which can shake up the current meta of the game. Newcastle is a defence type Legend and his abilities are mostly geared toward saving others.

Respawn Entertainment has shared all of Newcastle’s abilities in detail, giving everyone a chance to learn more about his playstyle and the things he can do on the battlefield.

With that, here’s a look at all Newcastle abilities in Apex Legends Season 13.

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All Newcastle abilities in Apex Legends Listed

Similar to all the other legends in the game, Newcastle has three different abilities – passive, tactical and ultimate. You can find each of his abilities described below.

Passive: Retrieve the Wounded

Newcastle Passive Ability
  • With the help of his wrist-mounted Revive Shield, Newcastle can defend himself and his teammate from incoming fire while he picks up downed teammates while moving. The shield will be of the same strength/rarity as Newcastle’s Knockdown Shield, so you can loot higher rarity of the shield for more strength.

Tactical: Mobile Shield

Newcastle Tactical Ability
  • For his tactical ability, Newcastle deploys a hovering energy shield which can be used to push enemies, retreat, or even help reach a fallen teammate. It’s an energy shield and opponents can also walk through it if they’re close enough.  
  • The Mobile Shield can be redeployed to switch directions by pressing the Tactical button/ key at another location.

Ultimate: Castle Wall

Newcastle Ultimate Ability
  • Castle Wall is Newcastle’s ultimate ability where he takes out his signature shield from his back and jumps into action, slamming the shield to the ground to create a massive fortress that can protect him and his allies from opponent fire.
  • The shield also comes fitted with an auto-lock feature to lock onto teammates. This means you can leap to specific, chosen teammates and deploy a shield down at their location. Newcastle can also cover great distances in a single jump with his Ultimate.

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