FIFA 22 TOTS Swaps 1: Best Reward Combinations Possible

TOTS Swaps Best Rewards

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has been renowned for having some exceptional ‘swaps’ content this year and it looks like we’re going to be seeing this fantastic incentive make its way back onto our screens for Team of the Season.

Swaps is something that has been used for many promotional events so far in the game’s life span, with it appearing for Icons, FUT Birthday and Future Stars thus far during the game’s life cycle. Fans will be ecstatic to see it returning for TOTS as it essentially gives them a free method of obtaining some of the best players in the game simply by grinding objectives.

With some of the larger leagues like the Premier League and the Bundesliga looming around the corner, this is the perfect time to be grinding in order to have a shot at obtaining some of the world’s global superstars.

So, with this – let’s take a look at TOTS Swaps 1 best possible reward combinations.

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TOTS Swaps 1 Best Reward Combinations Possible

Here are our picks for what we think are the best combinations possible for TOTS Swaps 1:

84 x 25 Pack & Guaranteed Premier League TOTS Pack

This is by far the best reward combination if you’re looking to obtain all 25 tokens. A guaranteed Premier League TOTS is going to be a high standard of player no matter who you pack, combined with a pack that is also guaranteed to be hiding numerous blue cards. This seems like a no brainer.

Prime Moments Luis Figo & Eredivisie TOTS Pack

If you’re looking for an end game winger, look no further than this combination. Moments Figo is absolutely phenomenal in-game and if you’re not looking to gamble, this is an extremely wise choice. You also grab yourself an Eredivise TOTS pack which could contain the likes of Antony or Ryan Gravenberch – two elite cards.

Premier League TOTS Player Pick, EFL TOTS Pack and Eredivisie TOTS Pack

If you’re looking to gamble and maximise your blue card intake – this could be the combination for you. The Premier League TOTS Player Pick is the best chance of obtaining the best of the best Premier League players and you also pick up two blues from other leagues as well.

TOTS Swaps 1 Rewards List

FIFA 22 TOTS Swaps Rewards
Credit: Twitter/CriminalFIFA/FUTSheriff

As confirmed by FUT Sheriff, here are the rewards for TOTS Swaps 1.

The first TOTS Swaps will be based around the Premier League TOTS, here are the rewards and amount of tokens you need for each.

  • 2 Tokens – Rare Players Pack
  • 3 Tokens – Guaranteed Saudi TOTS Pack
  • 3 Tokens – Guaranteed EFL TOTS Pack
  • 3 Tokens – Guaranteed Eredevisie TOTS Pack
  • 5 Tokens – Guaranteed Community TOTS Pack
  • 5 Tokens – Ultimate Pack
  • 7 Tokens – Guaranteed Bundesliga TOTS Pack
  • 10 Tokens – Guaranteed Premier League TOTS Pack
  • 14 Tokens – Premier League or Bundesliga TOTS Player Pick
  • 15 Tokens – 84 x 25 Pack
  • 17 Tokens – Prime Moments Michael Ballack
  • 19 Tokens – Premier League TOTS Player Pick
  • 22 Tokens – Prime Moments Luis Figo

Some insane reward in there. 25 tokens will be available throughout – so which combination will you go for?

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