The insane diet that kept the LA Rams' Cooper Kupp going through high school

Los Angeles Rams wide receiver and reigning Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp is looking incredibly ripped as he returns to offseason work.

Whilst Cooper Kupp had managed to establish himself as one of the better receivers in the NFL in the past few years, racking up back-to-back seasons for the Rams with 1,000 scrimmage yards in 2019 and 2020, he really exploded this past year.

He led the league in receptions with 145, receiving yards with 1,947 and receiving touchdowns with 16, earning himself the NFL Offensive Player of the Year award in the process before adding another 6 touchdowns in the postseason on his way to helping guide the Rams to Super Bowl glory. 

And taking a peek at what he looks like now as he gets ready for another season in the league, where he’ll surely be hoping for pretty much the same again in terms of production and success, it looks as if it might be even harder for opposing DBs to stop him in 2022.

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Putting in the work

Whilst the 2022 NFL season doesn’t start for another few months, indeed we still don’t yet know what the full schedule is going to look like, teams can still use this time to help get players up to speed and up to scratch ahead of their opening game.

And as these pictures released by the LA Rams social media account show, Kupp is certainly reaping the benefits already as he flexes his physique in the weight room:

It could have been so different for him though

You don’t get into a shape like this without a lot of exercise and good food, but according to an interview from back in February with ESPN, good food wasn’t always what you would associate with Kupp, as he would eat his fair share of junk food, and then some:

Known for his ability to eat, Kupp once downed 12 tacos before a workout in high school, and sleepovers at friends meant their moms would be making up to four breakfasts for Kupp — before he became too embarrassed to admit he was still hungry. In college, a $10 Pizza Hut box — pizza, breadsticks and cinnamon sticks — would be dessert to a $5 Subway footlong.

It’s a good thing he gave all that up, hard to think he’d be able to put up the numbers that he has been doing if he was carrying that little bit of extra weight on him.

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