Paddy Pimblett weight: Photo compares retired Georges St-Pierre to active UFC fighter

Pimblett vs St-Pierre

Paddy Pimblett has been enjoying life following his victory over Kazula Vargas at UFC London back in March.

In the subsequent seven weeks, he has been living the life. Jet-setting and all over TV and social media.

A lot of his time has been spent at fast-food restaurants, and as the photos further down this article show, his weight has ballooned from 155 pounds on fight night to upwards of 200 pounds now.

The photo of UFC legend Georges St-Pierre looking ripped nearly five years after he last fought puts things into perspective for Paddy the Baddy. It is not a new accusation for the Liverpudlian to face, as he is notorious for these big weight gains following a fight. He has previously stated he would rather be “fat and happy.”

There does come a point where those around him need to get a handle on it, though.

Sugar Sean O’Malley, amongst others, have begun to question this cycle of ballooning weight and then cutting down when he gets into camp.

Ricky Hatton, the boxer, was another British fighter who followed a similar pattern, and he acknowledges this may have impacted his career. “I probably could have got more out of myself performance-wise and maybe even a few more years if I’d lived the life better and looked after my body more.”

Paddy Pimblett vs Georges St-Pierre
Paddy Pimblett vs Georges St-Pierre

Paddy has the charisma, he has a look and he is loved by the fans. All of that, though, is interwoven with the fact that he is fighter, and that part of the equation can’t be ignored.

There has been a clamour for him to fight more, but Pimblett himself has scoffed at the prospect of him fighting four times a year, stating: “Why should I fight four times a year? Give me a reason when I’m earning more outside the cage than I am in it.”

That may be true, and four fights in a year is excessive in terms of the punishment it would inflict on him. But also, you want to leave the crowds desiring more.

Pimblett vs St-Pierre
Pimblett vs St-Pierre

If his UFC career continues its upwards trajectory, then the fight money will come, and Paddy needs to be living the lifestyle to win those big fights and carve out the career his rich talents and megawatt personality deserve.

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