Apex Legends Season 13: Players Talk Rumoured Major Alt for Newcastle

Apex Legends Saviors

Apex Legends Season 13 is set to be released on Tuesday May 10th 2022, and players have been discussing the rumoured alt for the new character Newcastle.

The anticipated new legend will be released alongside the brand new season, and as such, players have been discussing what the character could bring to the table.

Whilst these rumours and Apex Legend leaks are of course to be taken with a grain of salt, it is certainly an interesting discussion point ahead of the new season coming!

Here’s everything you need to know about the discussion surrounding Newcastle and the character’s rumoured alt for Apex Legends Season 13.

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Apex Legends Season 13
Credit: Epic Games

Newcastle Alt Apex Legends

A thread was started on the r/ApexUncovered subreddit regarding the rumoured alt that Newcastle will be utilizing when the new legend is released alongside Season 13.

The original poster noted that: “FYI apparently Newcastle ult will push back enemies if the impact is near them and also if they attempt to vault over the castle walls they will be slowed.”

This sparked a discussion amongst players of the massively popular FPS title, with many already liking what they’re seeing from the developers.

One player wrote: “Looking at Newcastle, I appreciate the little details they went for his abilities. His passive having a regen, tactical having one section gone when it’s damaged and his ult with the lock on support and this. It shows they thought this through.”

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Apex Legends Newcastle
Credit: Epic Games

Fans React to Newcastle Rumours

This sentiment was shared by a few different Redditors, with one stating: “I really hope it’s [the leak] true since it could deter enemies from just waiting on you to land and immediately beam you since there is a second where you can’t move during the deployment of the wall.”

Apex Legends New Map
Credit: Epic Games

Movement Legend Meta

Another Redditor believes that the rumoured alt and general direction that the developers seem to be taking is an attempt to combat the “movement legend meta” that the game has currently.

They wrote: “I think they are trying to combat against the movement legend meta. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more snare, slow, and silence abilities moving forward.”

We will have to wait and see exactly what the developers have planned for Newcastle and how the new legend will be received by players of Apex Legends!

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Apex Legends Season 13 Newcastle
Credit: Epic Games

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