Michael Chandler's KO of Tony Ferguson: Conor McGregor shares brutal image

Conor McGregor shares brutal image of Ferguson's face

Conor McGregor took to Twitter to share a brutal photo of the moment Michael Chandler’s front kick landed on Tony Ferguson.

The American looks almost unrecognisable in the perfectly timed shot, so it’s no surprise that the blow rendered him unconscious.

Things got pretty ugly for Ferguson during his bout with Chandler, as Iron Mike dispatched him early in the second round with a devastating front kick.

In the aftermath of the fight, McGregor has not held back… mainly at the expense of old rival Ferguson.

He was quick to share the disturbing image of Tony having his facial features rearranged.

This came after McGregor praised Chandler’s impressive performance and responded to his callout by stating that a bout at 170 intrigues him.

Conor McGregor responds to Ferguson KO
Conor McGregor responds to Ferguson KO

This isn’t the first time that McGregor has poked fun at Ferguson, as he was quick to criticise him after comments he made about Dana White in the build-up to UFC 274.

The Irishman responded to Ferguson’s comments about White’s control over fighters, saying: “Tony Ferguson, who changes representation around four times a year, is saying it’s someone else fault he is in the position he is in. How many bridges do you burn before you look yourself in the mirror and say, ‘Maybe it’s me that’s the issue’? God bless you pal, I’ll say a prayer.”

As ruthless as always, the Irishman hasn’t held back in his reaction to Tony’s brutal KO loss. He uploaded the disturbing image with the caption, “Damn bro.” Adding insult to injury!

Ferguson should consider some serious time off social media as the post has already amassed thousands of likes and retweets.

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