FIFA 22: All-time XI of Ultimate Team's most overpowered cards

Gervinho FIFA 22

After over a decade of annual iterations of perhaps the most iconic franchise in all of sports gaming, FIFA Ultimate Team has built up quite the fan base.

Players must amass coins and trade their way up to the strongest team they can build after beginning with a weak starter squad, competing online and offline to build an ‘Ultimate Team’.

Over the years, with the gameplay meta changing constantly and rules and tweaks added into FUT, players have been challenged creatively to find the biggest loopholes. That has resulted in a number of particular in-game footballer cards becoming iconic, as players have found out just how overpowered they are to play with in game, despite not being a household name from the off.

FIFA Ultimate Team’s most iconic players

From the ‘Bra-silver’ teams of FIFA 12 and 13, to Serie A sides and hybrid squads in FIFA 13, 14 and beyond, certain footballers have become cultural icons among FIFA players past and present due to how they played within Ultimate Team.

With there being a such a wealth of iconic cards to emerge from the different iterations of Ultimate Team over the years, whittling it down to just one iconic XI has been pretty tough. In truth, you could probably host a mini tournament of different teams of overpowered cards put together.

That means a whole host of key players will unfortunately miss out. In an attempt to cover more ground and add some variety to the XI, we’ve opted against putting together entire trios who worked together. We’ve also ignored chemistry, merely because this is a fantasy XI.

The all-time XI of overpowered Ultimate Team icons

Without further ado, this is what GIVEMESPORT has come up with in celebrating Ultimate Team’s most overpowered cards through the years.

Goalkeeper – Jack Butland (FIFA 17)

For all of the attractive goalkeeping options within the game, Butland was the man when it came to Premier League teams. Budget sides or star-studded squads full of special cards, Butland was always present. His average stats didn’t matter, as his height advantage and ‘comes for crosses’ trait made it near impossible to penetrate his goal.

Jack Butland was overpowered in FIFA 17

Right back – Ignazio Abate (FIFA 14)

Always dirt cheap on the market, Abate was a guaranteed addition to any Serie A team, or hybrid on a budget, for that matter. His 78 rated gold card made sure his value stayed low, but his pace would rip teams to shred on the counter. Very annoyingly overpowered and would burn you at every chance.

Abate was a regular for many FIFA players

Centre back – Felipe Santana (FIFA 13)

Somehow, Santana always stayed dirt cheap in FIFA 13, despite literally everybody using him at one point. The Brazilian was attractive due to being a Borussia Dortmund player and having solid stats. Notably, though, it was his pace. In a time where speed was so crucial to the gameplay, having quick defenders made strikers look useless.

Felipe Santana is an Ultimate Team legend

Centre back – Marvell Wynne (FIFA 13)

Representing an era of overpowered, sweaty, silver card team builds, Wynne’s disgusting pace stat made him pretty expensive to get. It was worth the saving up, though, because he was a monster in game. You’d have thought he was the reincarnation of Beckenbauer. Hard to get him to fit into sides, but he was worth building around.

Marvell Wynne in FIFA 13

Left back – Marcio Azevedo (FIFA 13)

The streets cannot ever forget this guy. A stalwart in any ‘Bra-silver’ squad build, Azevedo had pace, dribbling and, crucially, five star skills for a left back. In a time where dribbling and skill was incredibly overpowered and endless fun, this guy would cost people controllers and cause sleepless nights. Azevedo is in as a representation for all his other Brazilian, silver card teammates.

Marcio Azevedo FIFA 12 card

Right wing – Hatem Ben Arfa (FIFA 12)

Five star skills, four star weak foot, high attacking work rates, low defensive work rates. Win the ball back, send it to Ben Arfa and flick that analogue stick your way to goal on every single attack. Serious rage caused. Iconic.

Centre midfield – Ramires (FIFA 13)

FIFA 13 was a bit of a sweet spot, wasn’t it? Chelsea‘s Brazilian could fit into a variety of teams and absolutely bossed midfields in game with insane pace to make recovery challenges. He was also impossible to tackle. Pricey, but infuriating.

Chelsea's Ramires in FIFA 13

Centre midfield – Stephan El Shaarawy (FIFA 12)

We’ve cheated a bit here, but so what. He’s worth it. Stick a position modifier on him and he’s grand. Ramires covering the space while El Shaarawy darts through with insane dribbling, his five star skills and weak foot, and monster finishing. Maybe the most iconic silver card ever.

Stephan El Shaarawy is iconic to FUT players

Manchester City sign Erling Haaland (Football Terrace)

Left wing – Gervinho (FIFA 15)

Representing one third of an unforgettable front three you could build out of Roma forwards in FIFA 15, Gervinho was different gravy. 93 pace meant he was simply unstoppable out wide, and his dribbling stats meant the ball stuck to him like glue. Serving up passes to Seydou Doumbia and Victor Ibarbo, seeing that trio in the pre-game loading screen spelled disaster.

Gervinho was a force in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Striker – Emmanuel Emenike (FIFA 15)

Rising to prominence in FIFA 13 with a frankly disgustingly overpowered card in-game, we’ve opted to select Emenike’s FIFA 15 variant. The Nigerian was still just as impossible to play against with blistering pace and shot accuracy, but now in the Turkish Super Lig, was easier to integrate.

Emenike is a FUT legend

Striker – Alexander Esswein (FIFA 13)

This guy had no right being such a destroyer in attack. Merely a low rated gold card, Esswein was lethal. All the pace in the world, decent dribbling and a four star weak foot, the German was such a vital asset in any team. Controllers smashed regularly thanks to Esswein.

Esswein in FIFA 13 was unstoppable
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