Martin Brundle: F1 hero reveals he 'dislikes' gridwalks after Miami GP edition goes viral

Marin Brundle's gridwalk in Miami

Former Formula 1 driver and respected Sky pundit and commentator Martin Brundle once again went viral on social media for his gridwalk at the Miami Grand Prix, with him mixing it with celebrities and sports stars ahead of lights out.

Brundle is one of the best broadcasters the sport has and his gridwalk has become iconic over the years, with him using it as an opportunity to get into the drivers’ minds just before they go racing in a feature that is unparralleled in terms of sports programming.

Indeed, you’d not be able to speak to a footballer before they leave the tunnel before a Premier League game or a batsman as he heads out to the crease in cricket, but in F1 the access in this regard is brilliant, and Brundle is one of the best at it.

With the Miami Grand Prix grid awash with more celebrities than normal, though, the former racer had his work cut out as he tried to get soundbites here and there, though he managed to get quotes from the likes of David Beckham, DJ Khaled and Pharrell Williams among others.

It was his conversation with Paolo Banchero that got most of the headlines, though, with him mistaking the NBA star for Patrick Mahomes.

Under the glare of social media, of course, the whole scenario went viral in a matter of moments but, despite the error, Brundle did an overall fantastic job of delivering a live sequence to camera amid the clamour.

Certainly, F1 fans know and respect the level of work he does and has done to keep promoting the sport, and hopefully the gridwalk will have plenty of fine moments to come in the years ahead.

Brundle admits, though, that he doesn’t always like them all that much, and that he has never watched a gridwalk back:

Hopefully, Martin knows just how much they are adored by big racing fans and the odd gaffe here and there only makes them more endearing – he’ll know better than most that Murray Walker was the best at owning that combination.

A racer at heart, Brundle brings the grid atmosphere to the living rooms of millions every other week, and hopefully this brief hiccup won’t deter him in the future from getting that microphone into famous faces.

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