Apex Legends: All the changes coming to Season 13 ranked play

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Apex Legends Season 13 is coming in hot and there will be a number of changes to the game’s ranked mode as a result.

The game is set to be updated on May 10th, and there are going to be a variety of tweaks to the way that ranked play works in the game.

EA has published all of the tweaks on their official website, and they are wide and far-reaching, especially when it comes to changing the way that players actually play the game.

Apex Legends, of course, is ultimately a team-based game, with teamwork a key attribute for winning each battle you head into.

And EA has confirmed that the main crux of these changes ahead of Season 13 are to focus on teamplay and accurate skill, along with better competition.

The two core pillars are said to revolve around players focusing on playing as a team, while playing for the win, while RP will be a more accurate representation of the overall skill players have.

As posted on EA’s official website, the following changes have been made.

Changes to Apex Legends ranked play

  • Kill RP Cap is removed.
  • Base value of each kill is worth increasingly less, down to a minimum.
  • Assist timer lengthened from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Assist timers are refreshed upon a player’s revival.
  • Tier Demotion Protection available up to 3 games lost after promotion into a higher tier.
  • Players can demote out of a tier, halfway down to the previous division.
  • 100 RP tier promotion bonus.
  • Entry cost increases on promotion into a new division.
  • Masters+ entry costs further increase with total RP (5 RP every 1000 RP beyond Master Threshold up to 175 RP).
  • Adjustment to Per Kill RP mechanics, meaning having kills without placement does not constitute a success. In response, Kill RP gains have been weakened for placing worse than 10th.
  • Killing a lower tier player grants slightly less reduced RP.
  • Introduced a Rookie tier.
  • Bronze now has entry costs.
  • RP thresholds for all tiers and divisions adjusted. Length of ach division is increased by 200 RP.
  • We have fixed a long standing issue where kill credits were unintentionally transferred from eliminated teams. Previously, when Team A downs players from Team B, and Team A is subsequently eliminated, players from any team can misappropriate these downed players on Team B for kill credits by executing them, regardless of their involvement in the initial conflict. This issue has been fixed and these kills are now properly voided.

That’s the majority of changes that are coming to Apex Legends on May 10th, and EA have confirmed that they are “excited” for players to get into it.

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