Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeVonta Smith has a brilliant reaction to jumbotron gaffe

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeVonta Smith had a pretty hilarious reaction to a video that emerged of him over the weekend.

The Eagles have been pretty busy this past offseason when it comes to players and bringing them in and out of Lincoln Financial Field, both at and away from the recent NFL Draft.

Not only did they pick up 5 players that night in Las Vegas, but they also took part in a number of trades as they bounced their way around the order, collecting and trading away various picks align the way.

On top of that, they also took part in arguably one of the bigger stories away from the draft, which was their acquisition of A.J Brown from the Tennessee Titans in exchange for a first and a third-round pick on the night.

Even when dealing with players that were already on their books from last season, it might take a while to fully grasp things, as they released and then re-signed star defensive tackle Fletcher Cox and also re-signing centre Jason Kelce despite thoughts he may be retiring. 

So it’s fair to say that if you’re trying to keep up with who is or who isn’t on the Eagles roster right now, you might have a bit of hard time.

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Where do the Pittsburgh Steelers play?

And that’s exactly what happened with DeVonta Smith this past weekend as he watched the Philadelphia 76ers take on the Miami Heat in the NBA playoffs. 

What happened to Smith? 

As is normally the case with any sporting event, but especially basketball where famous people sit as close to the action as possible, if the camera spots you and you’re a known face, chances are you’re getting put on the big screen. 

But when that does happen, the very least you would expect is for them to know where you’re from and what you do, but Smith fell victim to a very minor error, as the screen at the Wells Fargo Center incorrectly claimed he wasn’t an Eagle anymore:

At least Smith saw the funny side

Smith though seemed to take it all in his stride, taking to social media afterwards to laugh off the image and make a joke at his own expense:

You just have to wonder whether or not any punishment would have come the way of the big screen operator in Philadelphia, and whether or not they added a ‘former’ to their title at some point over the weekend as well. 

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