Apex Legends Mobile: Gameplay Launch Details Revealed

Apex Legends Mobile is on its way and more exciting gameplay launch details have been revealed on social media.

The battle royale game is a huge success on PC and console, and due to this, developers Respawn decided to make a game for mobile players to.

Many popular action games have done this, like Call of Duty and Fortnite, so it has not been a shock to see Apex follow suit.

With the game getting closer to release, it is good to see some gameplay getting announced and players will be very excited with this newss.

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Apex Legends Mobile: Gameplay Launch Details Revealed

It was fantastic to see the official Apex Legends Mobile page reveal that the game will definitely be coming out in May 2022 as players have been waiting for this news for a while.

No doubt developers Respawn will do a smashing job, and due to this, players have been wondering how different the mobile version of the game will be to the PC/Console version.

@AlphaIntel has revealed some of the gameplay coming to Apex Legends Mobile when it goes live and they are:

  • 10 Legends at launch
  • Built for mobile ‘from the ground up’
  • Classic World’s Edge and Kings Canyon
  • Ranked Play and Mobile-exclusive modes
Apex Legends Mobile gameplayer

This is very exciting news and it looks like Apex Legends Mobile will keep the great elements from the PC/Console version of the game; however, it will be reshaped in order to give mobile players the best possible experience.

Hopefully an exact release date will be revealed very soon, but with everyone now knowing it will come out in May, they will not have long to wait at all.

Obviously not all has been revealed yet, so there will be a lot more to find out as we build up to its release. With so many legends in Apex, it will be interesting to see which 10 will be involved when the game goes live.

The gaming community will have their favourites, but it will most likely not be up for them to decide. Be sure to keep an eye on this page as we will be providing all the latest news around Apex Legends Mobile as it goes live.

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