Apex Legends: Valkyrie's heirloom leaked

Apex Legends

A new leak surrounding Apex Legends has revealed Valkyrie’s heirloom, which will be a Mythic-tier cosmetic that fans can unlock within the game.

Those who use Valkyrie in the game won’t have to wait too long for the new cosmetic.

Of course, heirlooms within Apex Legends are highly sought-after within the game, because they have their own lore and their own animations.

Valkyrie is a winged avenger, who was released way back in Season 9, and we now know that heirloom is going to be released by Respawn for her, if this leak is correct.

The heirloom has been revealed on Reddit, via Mr Loot on YouTube, as reported by Dexerto, and shows that the weapon is a spear.

It’s a straight-headed spear that appears to be genuinely massive, potentially bigger than all of the other heirlooms in the game.

It’s a two-handed weapon, so it may well disappear when Valkyrie flies around the gameworld, as she is able to do.

It’s a beautiful piece of kit, embossed with gold, and is likely to be deadly too.

Apex Legends' Valkyrie will become available with some exclusive content

There is no release date as yet for the weapon, but it may well arrive during Season 13.

Season 13 of Apex Legends is set to come out on Tuesday May 10th, meaning that there may not be a lengthy wait for the heirloom.

The design of it may well change by the time it is actually released, as we have to stress that this is a leak, and not an official look at the heirloom.

It remains to be seen when exactly it’ll be downloadable for Apex players but it’s surely coming up soon.

Keep it tuned to GiveMeSport and we’ll make sure to update you when we know more, including anything about new heirlooms being released into Apex Legends!

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