Richard Sherman's post-game blowup from 2014 is still incredible to watch

We still haven’t got over this incredible post-game outburst from Richard Sherman during his days with the Seattle Seahawks as reports emerge about his future.

There’s an old saying in the NFL that the further away you get from the ball, the more trash talk you speak. That’s why the most ‘mouthy’ players in the league tend to be wide receivers and defensive backs.

And when it comes to players who aren’t afraid to speak their mind, there is arguably none that have done it better in the past few years than Sherman, especially during the peak days of the ‘Legion Of Boom’ with the Seattle Seahawks, as this interview on First Take demonstrates:

Credit to ESPN via BSOTV

The Legion Of Boom were one of the most feared defensive units in the NFL in the early to mid-2010s, as Sherman joined the likes of Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, Byron Maxwell and others to help propel the Seahawks to back-to-back Super Bowl appearances, winning the first in an absolute drubbing over Peyton Manning and the high-scoring Denver Broncos in 2013. 

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But as the years went by, the players got older and went their separate ways, with Sherman joining the San Francisco 49ers before moving to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and at the age of 34, it looks as if Sherman might be about to bring his playing days to an end.

From the Boom to the booth

As a free agent now, Sherman is free to talk to any team about carrying on his playing career, but according to Ian Rapaport, his future might very well be away from the field, as he reports that Sherman is set to have a ‘key’ role in Amazon’s coverage of the league this season as a broadcaster:

Used to being on the microphone

Sherman certainly does come across as a natural when it comes to being behind the microphone, having started up his own podcast in September last year, so a media career does seem like a natural progression for the 3 time first-team All-Pro cornerback.

But arguably the best moment from his media career has already happened, and it came during the NFC Championship game in 2014, as after his role in ‘The Immaculate Deflection’ that helped send the Seahawks to the Super Bowl he was approached by Fox’s Erin Andrews for an interview.

The interview though, was pretty short and sweet:

He would obviously need to be a lot more polished when it comes to his presentation style, but if he can bring that kind of energy to the broadcasting booth, then he will certainly be able to capture the audience and keep them hooked.

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