Mayor Eric Johnson hints a second team to rival the Cowboys could come to Dallas

Dallas Cowboys players running out of the tunnel

The mayor of the city of Dallas, home of the Dallas Cowboys has tweeted out some rather incredible claims about the city’s future.

Whilst the Cowboys have become synonymous with the term ‘America’s Team’ following a nickname given to them after their 1978 season, it could very well be that they aren’t even going to be Dallas’ team anymore if Mayor Eric Johnson gets his way.

In response to a question from @NFLonCBS about which city fans would like to see get an expansion franchise next, responded with a series of tweets, claiming that given the size of the city, it could easily support a second team:

Now getting a second team in a city would certainly be nothing new for the NFL, who currently has two teams in Los Angeles and New York, both of whom even share the same stadium, and it wouldn’t be totally unknown to the city of Dallas either.

Before they were the Kansas City Chiefs, they started life out as the Dallas Texans between 1960 and 1962, sharing the Cotton Bowl with the Cowboys before moving north to their current home in Missouri. 

Stepping on Jerry Jones’ toes

However, you imagine that a scenario like this won’t exactly go down too well with one of the big-wigs in the league that currency resides in Arlington, that being Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who Johnson refers to in his tweets. 

He doesn’t even like having other teams within the same state as him, let alone city, noting in 2015 when the then-Oakland Raiders were looking for a home outside of the bay area that San Antonio, a city nearly 300 miles away from Dallas, was a ‘Cowboys town’. 

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So you find it very hard to believe that Jones would allow another team to move in as close to him as Mayor Johnson suggests. 

Might be some time coming

Now whilst Dallas and the state of Texas might be a hot-bed for football, getting a team to Big D won’t exactly be easy.

With the league at 32 teams right now, for scheduling and league structure purposes, it seems a pretty stable number for them to work with, so adding an expansion side might be a little bit difficult. 

And whilst teams might relocate, the talk isn’t as strong as it once was for the likes of the Jaguars to move city any time soon, whilst the Raiders and both LA teams aren’t exactly going to be moving so soon after recently relocating.

So Mayor Johnson might have to wait a little bit longer before any talk of a second team in his city becomes serious, and even then you might imagine there might be a few bumps along the way before that became a reality.

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