Ross Levine out to tame Igor de Castaneda in Karate Combat Season 4

  • Tom Ward

Ross Levine is looking to kick off Karate Combat Season 4 with a bang.

The American is set to fight Igor de Castaneda in a final eliminator to earn a mandatory shot at the world title.

De Castaneda, who goes by the nickname ‘The Iberian Bull’, will look to make it two wins in a row this weekend when he makes his return to The Pit.

However, Levine is willing to grab the bull by the horns, as he warned the Spaniard he will make him pay for his trash talk in the build up to the event.

Speaking exclusively to, Levine said: “I mean, his inexperience shows, you know.

“It shows in the way that he reached out and messaged me and talked about disrespect.

“This is a professional business and professionals don’t send each other private messages behind the scenes.

“I’ll do all my talking in The Pit. I’ll let my fists do the talking. At the end of the day, that’s just the way I do things.

“And if he’s upset by some of the things I’ve been saying, imagine what he’s going to feel, you know, when I’m actually hitting him.”

Ross Levine and Igor de Castaneda are set to lock horns on May 14 in a final eliminator for Shahin Atamov’s middleweight title.

Levine, 35, won the ‘Rookie of the Season’ award at the end of last season, after his devastating performance against Andrei Grinevich.

But he is counting on his kickboxing experience to shine against De Castaneda who has a record of 3-2.

Levine added: “His inexperience, like I said, kind of speaks for itself.

“He actually alluded to it himself, you know, he’s still what you would consider an amateur.

“Karate Combat brought me in here knowing my professional experience and giving me an opportunity to come in here and shine.

“So this is a good matchup that I think is going to really allow me to step up my game and show what I’m capable of.”

Ross Levine celebrates after beating Andrei Grinevich

‘Turbo’ predicts a first-round knockout for De Castaneda, but has warned his opponent he won’t want the fight to go on for too much longer, or else he may suffer some devastating repercussions if it does.

He predicted: “The matador by knockout. The bull won’t know what’s hit him. Honestly, the longer it goes, the more devastating it’ll be.

“He’ll get tired, start to drop his hands, and I’ll capitalise the moment I see the perfect opportunity to strike.

“If it’s early, it’ll be quick and painless for him.

“If it’s late, it’ll be, you know, a little more lasting damage…”

Karate Combat Season 4 airs every Saturday on Eurosport. For more information, visit the Karate Combat website at

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