Where to Find Cuddle Cruisers in Fortnite

Fortnite Cuddle Cruisers Location

If you are looking to find Fortnite Cuddle Cruisers, then you aren’t alone. Here’s a guide on where you can discover Cuddle Cruisers in Fortnite.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 has entered its final phase and we will soon be witnessing a major war between the IO and the Seven go down on the island; however, before that happens, you can choose to fight the war in style by customizing your Omni Sword, thanks to all the Omni Chips.

Every week, Epic Games has some new set of Omni Chips for players to find on the island and collecting them all will help players unlock each and every style for the Omni Sword. This time around, three Omni Chips have popped up in and around Cuddle Cruisers.

But what is Fortnite Cuddle Cruisers in the first place and where can one find it on the island? 

So to answer all these questions once and for all, in this guide, we’ll help you find Fortnite Cuddle Cruisers and all the Omni Chips locations in the area.

Fortnite Cuddle Cruisers Location

Cuddle Cruisers is a landmark and not a POI and this is the reason why it isn’t a marked location on the map. Fortnite Cuddle Cruisers is located on a small island off the northeast coast, east from The Daily Bugle POI and north of the bay.

To help you identify the exact location, you can refer to the Fortnite map image below, courtesy of Fortnite.gg.

Fortnite Cuddle Cruisers Location

You can use a zipline from the main Fortnite island to get to the location easily or take a boat to the island. Once there, you will need to collect three Omni Chips.

Where to find all Omni chips at Cuddle Cruisers in Fortnite

As already mentioned, there are three chips in Fortnite Cuddle Cruisers landmark that needs to be collected. Below is the exact location of each Omni Chip:

  • Omni Chip 1: You’ll discover the first Omni chip at the bottom of the zipline which links Cuddle Cruisers to the main island. It will be on the way to the west of the main building.
  • Omni Chip 2: For the second Omni Chip, go east to the main building and then head over to the top roof deck. The Omni chip is in the opposite corner to the stairs.
  • Omni Chip 3: The final Omni Chip can be found by hopping down to the ocean level area below, where the chip will be hovering on the dock. 

Also, you can refer to the image below to find the locations of all Omni Chips in Cuddle Cruisers, courtesy of Fortnite.gg.

Omni chips Fortnite Cuddle Cruisers

That’s all there is to it. Good Luck!

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