Alexa Bliss makes WWE return with new hybrid gimmick

Alexa Bliss new WWE gimmick

Alexa Bliss made a surprise but very welcome return to Monday Night Raw last night, sporting an interesting new gimmick.

Since September 2021, the WWE Superstar’s only in-ring appearance came at this year’s Elimination Chamber, following a lengthy absence.

Bliss had been recovering from legitimate sinus surgery and also got married earlier this year but she made it clear she was waiting on a call from WWE to book her comeback.

Finally, Bliss returned to the red brand, where she faced Sonya Deville in a squash match that lasted less than a minute.

The five-time women’s champion did not take the smile off her face throughout the entire segment, even as she dispatched Twisted Bliss on Deville to mark her first win of 2022.

A new chapter for Alexa Bliss?

When we last saw Bliss in regular live WWE action, her storyline had come to a halt after Charlotte Flair tore apart Lilly, the demonic doll who had become a major part of the supernatural Bliss gimmick.

After undergoing surgery, the Superstar returned to screens in a five-part therapy session segment, which saw Bliss’ persona gradually change throughout the weeks.

Her hairstyles changed, her makeup softened, and her clothes were lighter — teasing a glimpse of her former gimmick The Goddess.

There was a lot of speculation over how Bliss would be portrayed when she returned and fans were divided over whether they wanted to see the dark storylines continue, or if it was time for a new look for the Five Feet of Fury.

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Bliss made her Raw comeback to a huge pop as her former entrance theme The Fury rang out. The returning Superstar emerged in gear very much from her Goddess era but also with a new Lilly replica doll in hand.

Her in-ring personality also seemed to reflect her former character, but the presence of Lilly could hint that there’s still some dark lingering in her.

With such a short segment, there was only Bliss’ appearance and entrance music to mull over, but so far it seems as though the former Raw women’s champion will take on a new hybrid gimmick featuring statement assets from both her Goddess and supernatural personas.

Sonya Deville contract terminated

Deville, who was visibly shaken after discovering she would be wrestling Bliss on Monday night, had just been dealt some huge news.

Following an investigation into her conduct as a WWE Official, Adam Pearce announced live on Raw that Deville’s contract had been terminated, however, she remains a WWE Superstar.

“Upper management has found that time and again, you recklessly and unprofessionally abused your power. Therefore, it is my duty to inform you that your contract as a WWE Official is terminated.”

Deville will return to the main WWE roster as a wrestler and will no longer make appearances as an official or hold any sort of power moving forwards.

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