Martyn Ford calls Iranian Hulk 'a child' after bitter rival accuses bodybuilder of taking steroids

  • Tom Ward

Martyn Ford has claimed Iranian Hulk is behaving like ‘a child’ after his rival accused him on YouTube of taking steroids.

The celebrity boxing rivals were due to settle their score last month at the O2 Arena in London on April 30.

But the fight, which was billed as ‘the heaviest heavyweight fight in history‘, fell apart after it had already been rescheduled once from its original date.

In response on social media, Hulk – whose real name is Sajad Gharibi – said: “He is also getting steroids based on his DNA type.

“Steroids are forbidden in boxing but Martyn Ford is so precious that they allowed him to use them.

“He gets almost 8ml of steroids per day.”

But Ford – aka ‘The World’s Scariest Man’ – has hit back at the 30-year-old by denying his allegations he was given permission to use steroids ahead of his professional debut – insisting he has always been a clean athlete.

Ford told The Mirror: “I have absolutely no energy for this guy.

Martyn Ford has hit back at Iranian Hulk after being accused of taking steroids

“I have gone through 30 years of training. Anyone in the game knows what it takes to compete and bodybuilding and training hard. For me it is very easy to shout out you are only this because of that.

“It is very obvious if you follow my life from the way, the lifestyle that I live, the way that I train and I dedicate my life, the way that I sleep and eat everything is about fitness and training.

“For me he is grasping at things he can throw out there and excuses for him.

“I don’t think there is any argument to have with any of his excuses, I am not someone who will sit there and have an argument with a child.”

The 39-year-old – who is an avid supporter of Northampton Town – is currently preparing to make his professional debut.

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Ford admitted he was left gutted after watching his friend Eddie Hall lose to Hafthor Bjornsson – but is out for revenge.

The Fast and Furious star was ringside to watch Hall lose by unanimous decision at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium on March 19.

And he has also vowed to gain revenge for his friend by facing Thor – but will most likely take a warm-up fight first of all before he steps in there with ‘The Mountain’.

But it won’t be against Hulk whom he sensationally accused of disrespecting the sport.

He added: “I am done with talking about the guy because he has tarnished a lot of what I am trying to do.

“I don’t blame him individually but I think there is an element of responsibility he has to take.

“He didn’t train for it, he wasn’t prepared for it and doesn’t deserve the opportunity at the moment to be honest.

“It is disrespectful to the fight game.”

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