Need for Speed: Underground 2: Fan's stunning remake of iconic game using Unreal Engine 4

Need for Speed fan remake

Will we ever see another Need for Speed game?

Due to next to nothing being announced by Criterion Games about the newest addition to the Need for Speed franchise which is allegedly set for release later this year, fans of the racing simulator giants are creating their own iterations of it.

It has been implied that the game has been delayed on the down-low while Criterion aims to get everything right, meaning it won’t release until next year.

The studio has seemingly deviated away from developing the game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, instead exclusively developing for the next generation of consoles.

Some vastly grainy screenshots introduced the fans to a first look of sorts at the overworld which is nearing completion.

As observed by DSOGaming, one fan has been developing their very own complete remake of Need for Speed Underground 2 in the Unreal Engine 4.

Need for Speed Underground 2 fan remake

In contrast to some very similarly well-done fan remakes of the past, this one done by 2Real4Underground aspires to overhaul not only graphics and music, but also make improvements in terms of gameplay and mechanics giving it a true arcade racer type of feel.

The developer says that they have “drastically changed driving behaviour,” while confessing that “it’s still in the making and [needs] a lot of tweaking.”

They also mentioned the intent of editing how the driving works to give it an arcade racer type of feel, and for allowing drifting at low speeds.

They have also added in a nifty little turbo feature into the equation. They have even included new elements into UI hoping to better specify where drift zones are and when to drift.

They also intend to make adjustments to the menus and improvements to music and sound effects from the original game.

The project is only a fan project and is not available to download. However, based on the quality of the remake alone, if the developer were to release it, EA would shut it down promptly.

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