Klopp vs Guardiola: Viral Twitter thread explains why Liverpool manager is better

Manchester City v Liverpool - Premier League

Jurgen Klopp is a better manager than Pep Guardiola – that’s the argument one viral Twitter thread has made this week.

The two managers are going head-to-head once again for the Premier League once again as Liverpool and Man City bosses respectively.

Guardiola currently has the edge as City lead Liverpool by points following their 5-0 victory over Newcastle.

It would be Pep’s fourth league title with Man City, with Klopp having led Liverpool to just one during his time at Anfield.

But that doesn’t make Guardiola better than Klopp.

Far from it if Twitter user Anirudh Atyanand is to be believed.

The Liverpool fan has created a 13-tweet thread on why Klopp is superior to his rival.

Manchester City v Liverpool - Premier League

Klopp is a better manager than Guardiola – a thread

It begins: “Guardiola has won 3 league titles (4th nearly there) with City. He took over a club that had won leagues under Mancini and Pellegrini, and had already had hundreds of millions invested in the squad. He inherited the likes of Aguero, De Bruyne, Kompany, Sterling and Gundogan.

“Within weeks of him joining, City added Bernardo, Ederson, Jesus, Sane, Stones and a few others for over £200m. It was a squad packed with expensive, uber-talented superstars. He came in as a serial winner with similarly stocked squads – Barca and Bayern.

Pep Guardiola vs Jurgen Klopp

“There wasn’t a single team in England that could match City’s wallet. United had money, but even they couldn’t stockpile two genuinely awesome players in nearly every position. Unlike Roman, City’s owners shrewdly kept away from on-field stuff and kept patience with Pep.

Pep Guardiola vs Jurgen Klopp

“Pep, to his credit, has taken great care of his stable of Ferraris and Lamborghinis. He’s made a squad of great players into a great team. He’s a very, very good manager for achieving that, but I would still hesitate to call him great, let alone legendary.

Pep Guardiola vs Jurgen Klopp

“That’s where Klopp stands out. He inherited a squad that had half a dozen players worthy of making it to a top-half team’s starting XI, and double that number who, honestly, were bang average. He had to spend 2/3rds of a season playing people out of position.

Pep Guardiola vs Jurgen Klopp

“He couldn’t just put a wish list of players in front of the management and have it delivered on a platter. Liverpool got lucky with the Coutinho sale (a long time after Klopp took over, incidentally) and could use that money to buy some world class players.

Pep Guardiola vs Jurgen Klopp

“Inch by inch, Klopp made progress. Liverpool punched above their weight to make it to a Europa League final and, thereafter, a Champions League final. For the longest time, the bench was a very steep drop-off from the starting XI (Lallana replaced Salah in the CL final!)

Pep Guardiola vs Jurgen Klopp

“Winning the Champions League needs tactical acumen and short bursts of determined focus, where a small core of brilliant players can give everything over 10-13 games. Winning the league needs a deep squad, wherein squad rotation can happen without a drop in quality.

Pep Guardiola vs Jurgen Klopp

“Liverpool could get to two European finals with a sports car in attack and a jalopy in defence. But the league needed more players of a certain quality. Klopp didn’t have that at his disposal until the 2018-19 season. The club needed time to rebuild, needed to sell to buy.

Pep Guardiola vs Jurgen Klopp

“From then, Klopp and Liverpool haven’t looked back. It took years of hard work, both on the field and with transfers. Every player bought or sold had to be 100% right, in terms of both monetary and footballing value. The focus, on and off the pitch, has been staggering.

Pep Guardiola vs Jurgen Klopp

“Liverpool needed the 2 million from every Dunkin Donuts and Holly Frontier that they could get, just as they needed every penny from the sales of Ibe, Solanke or Coutinho. They needed 18 players who could deliver the highest quality, week after week. Klopp made it happen.

Pep Guardiola vs Jurgen Klopp

“He earned the trust of the management. He made every player embrace the philosophy and win with every last drop of sweat they had. He instilled the belief that City could be beaten, even with their limitless resources and bottomless squad. He made us fans believe.

Pep Guardiola vs Jurgen Klopp

“So that, now, the world can enjoy an epic battle. The immaculately oiled, scientifically engineered, nitro-boosted machine that is Pep Guardiola’s City, versus the very human, passionate, relatable team of heroes that is Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool.”

Pep Guardiola vs Jurgen Klopp


So, what is Anirudh Atyanand saying?

He’s claiming Guardiola inherited an incredible squad that has spent millions and millions since he arrived. Yes, he’s done a good job in keeping his squad happy but the thread suggests he’s not ‘legendary’ as a result.

As for Klopp, Liverpool’s squad was ‘bang average’ when he took over in 2015. He couldn’t demand signings from the club owners but he’s slowly improved the squad to become champions of England and Europe.

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The thread claims that winning the Champions League needs ‘tactical acumen’ whereas winning the league needs a ‘deep squad.’

It says that Klopp’s recruitment has been faultless and he’s instilled an incredible philosophy at the club.

Of course, this is the opinion of just one Liverpool fan on social media. Feel free to give you own opinion in comments section of our Facebook page.

Who do you have? Pep Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp?

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