Canelo Alvarez: Brutal slow-mo footage of Dmitry Bivol punched that left Mexican badly bruised

Canelo Alvarez was left observably bruised following his encounter with Dmitry Bivol on Saturday, having been peppered throughout the fight.

Slow motion footage of one particular shot is making the rounds on social media, one that has left Alvarez visibly battered after the conflict in the T-Mobile Arena.

He was seen on his wife’s Instagram story having remnants of the in-ring confrontation under his right eye.

“Cinnamon” failed to capture the WBA light heavyweight championship from Bivol, as he was outclassed by his opponent.

The Mexican was unwavering in his approach walking forward in an attempt to close the distance with his Russian nemesis, but he was continually picked off by Bivol who never deviated from his game plan.

The champion out-landed Alvarez in every single round using his catch-counter left hook (his regular weapon of choice on Saturday night) to great effect, which led him to victory by unanimous decision.

Canelo seen looking bruised on social media
Credit: Fernanda Gomez

The challenger’s glove nicked the left arm of Bivol and, in an instant, fired back with a great deal of venom.

Canelo showed his frustration at getting caught by the same shot over and over again by the Russian, as in round 11 he proceeded to do a WWE-type lift hoisting Bivol above his shoulder.

After absorbing yet another counter left hook, Canelo evaded under the follow up right hand, stepped forward and raised Bivol onto his shoulder before the referee intervened to restore order.

In the end, it was Bivol’s discipline that won him the fight, refusing to conform to the way Canelo wanted him to box.

Both men have suggested that a rematch is on the cards next, with Bivol even proposing that the two meet at Canelo’s more natural weight of 168 lbs and that they should have a contest for the undisputed super middleweight titles.

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