Echoes of Mana Dev Dispatch Vol 1: All of the Changes

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Square Enix mobile title Echoes of Mana will be undergoing changes based on developer feedback, but what are the amendments to the game that will be coming in the near future?

The gacha mobile title is part of the lauded series of Mana titles, and as such, it has been gaining an audience amongst hardcore RPG players as well as gacha fans.

Developer changes to the game this early after the official release in April 2022 are promising, as it means that Square Enix are looking to work on the quality of life of the new title from the outset.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Echoes of Mana Dev Dispatch Vol 1, including all of the changes that are being implemented.

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Credit: Square Enix

Dev Dispatch Vol 1

The official Twitter account for Echoes of Mana recently confirmed that the changes would be coming as part of the first Dev Dispatch.

It noted: “Calling all Echo Allies! We’ve heard your feedback, and we’ve got updates to share with you! Check out EoM Dev Dispatch Vol. 1 where we sew you all the updates we’re quilting up!”

You can find all of the changes that Square Enix are implementing via the official tweet below:

Fans React

Players of the game have been reacting to the new changes that are set to be implemented in the near future.

Some were extremely happy with the “transparency” from the developers, with one gamer stating: “This level of transparency & listening to the players is astounding and makes me feel incredibly grateful and proud to be a player. 

“Thank you so much for listening to your players and making adjustments based on their experience! Every dev team should do that, you’re a role model!”

Another would say: “Really great job. I have played some gachas and [not] many of them listen [to the] player base and take decisions according to it. And you are fast and well-organized. Game art is wonderful too.

“I hope you keep [up] the hard work because this game is amazing and is gonna go bigger!”

Other players had specific wants with the game, with the title hoping to break into the pantheon of gacha gaming giants. 

One player requested: “My wish is only one, please increase the drop rate for 4 star. 1.5% + 0.75% really a bad rate.

“If you can increase the drop rate (5% + 2.5%), far better.. its frustrating to pull 10 times with no single 4 star. Hope some players notice the drop rate.”

Another gamer would request that characters from Sword of Mana be added to the game at some point: “Sword of Mana characters and maybe give more upgrade materials. Breaking that 6k barrier was freaking tough.”

Echoes of Mana Square Enix
Credit: Square Enix

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