Seattle Seahawks' Charles Cross embarrasses himself with extra point effort

Charles Cross of the Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks rookie Charles Cross has proved why he decided to become an offensive lineman as footage has emerged from training camp.

A lot of talk heading into the recent NFL draft was that the Seattle Seahawks needed to draft a quarterback following the decision to trade Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos a few months ago.

However, it appears as if the Seahawks are set to go in a different direction and focus on what they have already with the likes of Geno Smith already in the building or with Drew Lock who they acquired as part of the trade for Wilson.

But no matter who is under centre for the Seahawks, arguably the main problem that needs to be fixed is getting him protected, as Wilson was sacked a total of 476 times during his ten seasons there.

Which is why the Seahawks spent their first pick in the draft on offensive lineman Cross, a 6’5, 310lb monster from Mississippi State with the 9th overall pick, whilst also adding Abraham Lucas from Washington State with the 72nd overall pick in the 3rd round. 

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Getting settled in

With the NFL season drawing upon us, teams are now back at their facility and getting back into football shape ahead of the new year, and whilst there is some serious stuff that needs to be done, it’s also a chance for the players to have some fun and get to know each other.

As was demonstrated when Seahawks head coach wanted to get across a message of ‘always be competing’ as he ended a recent session with a game of jump ball between the offence and the defence:

Things can only get better

When it came to fun activities though, Cross, ironically nicknamed ‘Sweet Feet’ from his basketball days, kind of let himself down with his footwork as he was brought in to try and kick a ball through the uprights. However, as shown in a video on their Instagram feed his effort ended up being far from pretty as it fell both short and wide.

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Some method behind the madness?

Whilst it might be weird to see an offensive lineman, or indeed any player other than a kicker or a punter putting their foot on the ball, there are times in the NFL when needs must and a non-specialist will have to take on those duties:

So who knows, if he works on his feet a bit more, we might see him take over kicking duties at some point in the future.

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